Friday, September 4, 2009

I Suntan Topless Amongst Other Things

The ever so wonderful Fragrant Muse has tagged me on an award/meme. Since I have my mind set on the beach today, it is a good day not to have to think of a topic.

The rules are simple: I am to tell 10 things about myself that my readers may or may not know, but are true.

1) I like snakes. I didn't used t
o. I was afraid of them - until college when a house I used to go to had snakes and I started holding them. (what a couple of beers will do for bravery). Picture taken by this blogger.

2) I have body image issues. I think everyone does. I go between feeling like the dorky Jr. Higher and having a pity party over what 5 babes in 5 years did to my front side.

3) I am lazy. I am. I could do so much more with the talents, gifts, and brains I have been given. I am just lazy - welllllllll and busy raising kids ;)

4)I am 5' 8" tall and go between 125-135lbs. (a little winter insolation?) A size 4-6. While I have body image issues I realllly don't think size matters (
small or not). Attitude and self care shine through everytime.

5) I suntan top
less on my deck in the Spring- HA!!!! there I said it. Yep, I do. I live in the country, we are surrounded by trees. The view is blocked. I crawl (just in case) to the towel and lay there soaking in the Vitamin D after a long winter of sunless days.

6) I am not afraid of very many things but I have discovered I am terrified of 1)horror movies- willl not watch them (2) hau
nted houses --they are lame, but still (3) muddy bottomed lakes--- like the suck you in up to your calves and not let you go, than suck your shoe into an eternal muddy grave kind of muddy. In conclusion - there better be sand at the bottom of the lake or I ain't goin' in, and I refuse to pay to be scared.

7) I am terrible at changing my kids' sheets. In my defense they are in loft beds and soooo hard to do.

8) Feather pillows - that is it. If I don't have a feather pillow I am not sleeping. Not well anyway. (I think I spilled this on Debra's secrets at Sojourner- but not all of you have made your way over there for tea yet)

9) I don't give my dog a ton of attention but I depend on her to be here on those days and nights that Dearest is gone. It helps me not feel alone. She definetly serves a purpose.

10) I don't use antipersperant/deoderant. Gross? Not anymore. It took about a year to "cleanse" my pores of all the chemical build up. But now I sweat a little but it pretty much doesn't smell - and I use crystal spray to neutralize any odors that may start.

Bonus- I shed. I shed worse then my pomeranian. If you are in a room with me, you will probably walk away with some of my hair on you. I know! I always have. Somehow, I am not bald?

I am to pass this on to 10 bloggers. HMMMMM.... not good at passing it on. But, I will suggest:
1) Coachblogger - I haven't heard from him in awhile
2) Sandra/Worlds End Farm
3) Shelle /Blok Thoughts
4) RxBambi
5) McGillicutty
6) Kaci/NeoPlains Women - get off Facebook and come back to blogging ;)
6) who ever else wants to play along or needs a topic.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

So u r saying I need to post and need a topic? Lol!

Well okay!

Wish I was brave enough to suntan topless... I'm even embarrassed by myself

Mari Mansourian said...

great list Jules, my boys had bunk beds too for a couple of years and I know how hard changing sheets can be... that's one of the reasons we got rid of them, have fun at the lake ;)

Deb said...

Hello Ms. Flasher, well you surprised me a couple of times there!

1) Where oh where did you find a snake? On this trip?

2) Your body is beautiful, and it works, and be grateful for it every single day.

3) You are the most unlazy person I have every met in my life. Even when you are sick you are self-lessly doing for others. You are one of the most conscientious mothers, and are doing a great job at a very very hard job. This is a season, you will develop the other selves in another season.

4) That's what I want to hear! Be nice to my friend.

5) I got a giggle, but then remembered your tendency toward go for it girlie. I bet this spring it was a little chilly....

6) Excellent self- care not to watch horror flick or go into scary houses, psychic shielding..I don't have a lot of experience with lakes...swimming in the ocean with baby sharks was enough excitement for me.

7) Good yoga moves for you, I would love to see this. Better yet, instruct kiddos on how to do it themselves?

8) Did you bring your own? I don't know if I gave you one...surely you would have said did sleep didn't you?

9) Tori is good company, very sweet and well behaved. (I'm sure not as good as dearest, but then she's not very demanding either...)

10) Good for you! I'm into Tom's natural products, but might try the crystal food store?

11) Me too! Your hair looks thick and luxurious...meant to comment on your highlights...very nice. I'm remembering when we both skipped school to highlight your hair and ticked the secretary off! Oops!

Fun post, you've inspired me to try to jazz mine up a bit before I send it off.

TheChicGeek said...

That was fun, Julie :D

Snakes? Yikes!

What I want to know is do the people around you agree that the no deodorant policy is a good one? LOL

I am sure you smell as sweet as you are!

Have a Wonderful Labor Day!

Chief said...

Oh we are the same height and yet two of you could fit inside one of me! Now I have a body image problem!

I can't believe you don't have to use deoderant! I use a bottle a day trying to get in between my fat rolls! (see above paragraph)

Anonymous said...

I dont do snakes.

Anonymous said...

you weigh the same as one of my legs.

Anonymous said...

I am bigger than you 6 inches and 125 pounds, with smaller boobs, so that must mean I'm way fat or you are way skinny. I'm thinking it is the fat part.

Anonymous said...

that would mean the additional 6 inches I have over you must weigh 20 pounds each.

Sandra said...

I will play the game. I'll try for tomorrow. As women we are taught to have body image issues. As we get older, at least for me, it's less intense. Good for you on the sunbathing!

Big Blue House said...

O.K. I don't think I needed to know about the sunbathing thing. also about skipping school with Magnificent Deb. Did you both get subs? About the sheet changing, didn't you ever see what is in our beds and on our bedding? I am sure you have. Get rid of those dust mites and dead skin sluff offs more often for the health of your children. I loved the pics. You can do that at 30 something and I never could do that, no wonder you were in dance line.