Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't pretend

If when you read the Bible it feels as though you may as well be reading the phone book...

"There are times in our Christian lives that we don't feel close to God

We shouldn't pretend otherwise."
Pastor Fred Martin
discussing Philliippians 3:7-16

I need to be o.k. with the fact that I may not feel close to God. I need to be certain that God knows me and feels close to me. I should relax, and then the feeling of longing for God will come back. It is when I push that I can't see, or I will start to feel like something is wrong with me.

It has been awhile since we made it to a church service - we have been making it in time to get the kids to Sunday school only. However, today we made it. We filled up one row our large family. The kids were figgidy and I didn't notice - the message caught my attention today. I am thankful for what I heard. Everything for a reason right?


Anonymous said...

yes ma'am, everything for a reason.

Vodka Logic said...

Hopefully a reason.

Will Burke said...

Sounds like you were trying to slog through Numbers or Leviticus! Have you tried some Rich Mullins?