Saturday, February 13, 2010

Playing with my food.. well not really

Got this in an email. I am busy giving an SAT test and trying to sit quietly for three hours (a hard task for me for sure!!!!)


Not as easy as you might think!

It's really hard to only use one word answers...

Where is your cell phone? vibrate

Significant other ? Dearest

Your hair? Curled

Your mother? Conservative

Your father? Outspoke

Your favorite thing? Sleep

Your dream last night? Nonexistant

Your favorite drink? Coffee

What room are you in? 1111

Your hobby? Blogging

Your fear? Accident

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Sane

Where were you last night? Computer

Something that you aren't? Boxed

Muffins? Tryllen

Wish list item? Travel

Last thing you did? Hug

What are you wearing? Pink

TV? Forgotten

Your pets? Shedding

Friends? Love

Your life? Caotic

Your mood? Content

Missing someone? Yes

Drinking? Thirsty

Your car? Filthy

Something you're not wearing? HEHEHE ;) j/k.... earrings

Your favorite store? Used

Your favorite color? White

When is the last time you cried? Awhile

Who will resend this? Whatever

Where do you go to over and over? Laundry

My favorite place to eat? Seafood

Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? Warm

Take it if you want - use it if you need a post. Have a great weekend.

Off to work at a bridal expo with my friend. I will try not to laugh at the over zelous hope of the young brides - so prepared for one day, but completely unprepared for a lifetime commitment - a new lifestyle.... ahhh to be in such a place. Later!


Adan said...

i would play a game at the bridal fair.

see how many brides you can talk out of getting married

Vodka Logic said...

lol TQ

Some great answers. I'm going to do it sometime as well