Friday, February 5, 2010

They All End Up Looking Like Dads - ReRun

I am rerunning a post I wrote last February. We are preparing to go to the waterpark...which made me remember this post...... it is worth repeating.

As I continued to survey the men in the water park something struck me funny. They all kind of looked alike......Some were blond, and some had dark hair some were tall and some weren't but what they had in common was that they all...

Maybe I should back up.
Several years ago I was at a water park. It was our family and two other families (friends from my hubby's hometown/school) I was cold, wet, and frustrated.

This park had a section designed for a the wee-est ones with water jets shooting out of the floor and an itty bitty slide. I was there with our three littlest ones. The side that my hubby and oldest were at was exactly kitty corner, across, far far across from where I was. He was there chatting and swimming with his high school friends that we vacation with once a winter.

I was cold because of the stupid water jets that were getting me wet but not keeping me warm. I was frustrated because I was alone. Slowly the idea of a social, fun weekend was slipping from my mind as I realized it was going to be me and the littlest kids by myself again.
(BTW-things drastically improved after that year)

To keep myself entertained and in an effort not to become the "psycho" wife I started looking around at people - people watching is always entertaining. It started with this evil intent to find the cutest guy in the park and watch him - something to keep me, as I said, entertained. However, as I started to look around something became quite clear - all guys in my age range have started to look like "dads". You could tell who had been cuter than the other guy and who would have caught my eye back in the day- but, here they were chasing their little ones with their ponch of a belly and the sagging in their chest that comes from having to come straight home to dinner and to help with a new child. The kind of physique that comes from more nights on the couch then in the gym.

Side note: The same thing was happening in our relationship - we were more like teddy bears then barbies. But, hey! babies never cuddle barbies. Now the pendulum has swung. The wee ones are getting older and requiring less hands on attention and there is time for the gym again.

You younger girls take note... go for what you find on the inside of a man. Make sure you chose a man who is kind, caring, and considerate of you. Make sure he is someone you can stand to be around and not just to look at. A guy who shares the same values and will make a good dad and husband.
I am so glad I chose that type of man.
(it was a bonus that he came with brilliant blue eyes)

Because, on that day in the water park one thing became quite clear to me. When it comes down to it they all end up looking like dads.


Vodka Logic said...

all great advice. I wonder how many of the men would be insulted by saying they look like dads.. the greatest compliment actually

Big Blue House said...

Fun to read again. This year should be better, you should be able to be with the 'grown-ups' also being your wee ones are getting less wee. I hope you have a great weekend. Love the pic of the guy looking in the mirror. Do you think that is what they see????? Could be.

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

GREAT post.. i too turn .. or have turned into psycho wife.. being stuck with the kids while everyone else has fun.

"im fine" * POUTY FACE

is my motto


~DokterKenny said...

yeah go for the inside...there are still some nice guys out me! :-)

Anonymous said...

They do, they really do.

Will Burke said...

Scary. How many of those dads quit smoking too? That'll slow the matabolism...Time to lay-off the butter tarts, methinks

Deb said...

Of course this makes me think of my young daughter and her future...thank God for prayer!