Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cropping out our history

Oh, I remember that couch

I hated that rooster thing you had on the wall

Oh, look, there is Ginger our wiener dog -ohhhhh

What was I wearing?

Look at the back of grandpa's hair! He had hair.

These are the comments we are missing out on these days with our cropped and edited and well framed pictures. By taking out the back ground and being overly conscious of what is "going on" in our pictures we are erasing a bit of our history I believe.

I for one am all for every picture being wonderful and I eliminate as much of the background as I can too. But as I look back on old pictures it isn't the foreground I look at the longest it is what is behind the birthday girl.

Something to consider.


Will Burke said...

Absolutely! But there's a difference between Art Photography, and event-rememberance pictures.

Jana said...

I think pictures where people are being their natural selves and not posing too much make for the perfect ones; each one unique and interesting, bringing out the personality of the subject.

Pictures taken in the past are steeped in so many lovely memories.

Vodka Logic said...

Love it and great advice.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Never thought about that before!

Deb said...

Too True! Thanks to digital, we can have all we want, original and played with! I love, love photo shop. I can crop, I can zoom in, I can blur and vignette get the picture!

Sandra said...

Wow, you came upon something here. You are right.