Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Happy Day? Ask the lunch lady...

This is one of my favorite posts ever. I wrote it last school year. I thought I would re-run it today since it applies to today.

My morning can be made or broken by the school lunch program.

Today's lunch is soft shell tacos. It was a good morning.

Let me back up.
I stumble out of bed. Make my mandatory stop at the bathroom
(hey, it's true). V Line for the coffee pot (don't get in my way less you get pushed aside) . The lunch menu is stuck to the fridge beside the coffee pot.

My eyes final formed a small enough slit to peek out of my sleep induced comma. I look, with fear, at what the lunch menu says
(the sound of the coffee pot doing it's job is only slightly helpful at this point of the morn').
How will my morning go?

Today is soft shell tacos - FABULOUS! All three school agers will eat that, and I agree that it has enough nutritional value to work for me too. I can grab my coffee and go about the other morning duties without hesitation or frustration.

However, there are days it does not go so smoothly. For example a Friday morning when lunch is BBQs
(also known as sloppy joe's) with a salad and corn - ugggggg, do I really have to get out of bed?

Fridays can be the worst. This is because Fridays are spelling test day. So not only are we worrying about clothes, backpacks....."did you remember to throw your shoes in", and "......hey you need to brush your teeth better than that!" but there are spelling words to practice one last time. Now, throw in three cold lunches for three very different tastes and it is enough to send me over the edge. On these mornings I think I should be drinking IRISH coffee

You are getting the idea.
Let me elaborate...
Grilled cheese and tomato soup - 2/3 of a bad morn. 2 cold lunches, 1 hot (lunch at school)
Chicken leg with mashed potatoes - good morn' with hestitation.
All three wee ones will eat at school but I wonder if they really will get enough food to keep them full.
Cheese Pizza - 100% sit down at the table and talk, great morning.
I know all three will eat it and be full, and it has enough nutrition to keep me happy (I have low expectations for school lunches)
Cheeseburger with tator tots - This too will be a good morn.

Now, if it is cheeseburgers on a Tuesday it is a happy day. Tuesdays are good mornings I get to stay home, the spelling words aren't calling yet, kids are out of the weekend slump etc.....

This is the kind of happy day where I feel like a choir should shuffle in from the back deck and break out in song leaving the kids dancing out the door on their way to the bus
(which arrives no later than 7am btw) So, bring on the choir the dancing and clapping because today was tacos and it was a HAPPY DAY!


Jana said...

What a unique way to decide if a day is going to be good or bad. Lots of coffee, of the strong black variety helps me cope with almost anything too.

Vodka Logic said...

Good one,never thought of it that way, then again I have never really gotten into making lunch and now the HS has choices.. yippeeee

Anonymous said...

Dang if I know for sure anyone is making lunch then itsa damn good day for me!!!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Geez I remember those school lunch days. Suddenly, my empty nest isn't so bad.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I totally understand. Luckily right now I only have one in school. That will change next year though!