Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm trying here

First - I'm talking about sex over here.

Anything we do often can become a grind.

Today is laundry day. Yet, here I sit putting it off. Ridiculous really. I do not have to load up my clothes and take them to the laundry mat I don't have to sit there watching my clothes spin. I get to go down and shove three loads into one in my HE machine and walk away. But when you do the same thing over and over it becomes tiresome.

I think the same thing about other aspects of our life. Think of how new and exciting your job was when you first started. Think about the first days of your relationship. Things become same old same old after awhile.

It is our job to find ways to keep them going - and if possible exciting. Of course exciting may be easier in a relationship then in laundry, but follow me here. Pulling ourselves back, rethinking things may be just what is needed. Today I will remember that I am blessed with my great laundry facilities and not stuck in the cold ucky laundromat.
pic from vi.sualize. us
Are you suffering from the same old same old grind? How do you change it up a bit.

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MommyLovesStilettos said...

I find that when I have tough stuff going on in my life I slack on everything around my house. I'm a neat freak and when I slack, you know something is VERY wrong. I'm slightly OCD about my house. This past week has been rough for me and I found it incredibly difficult to complete the smallest task - like laundry. And yesterday I realized my whole basement floor was covered in laundry. I finally got my ass in gear and worked on it, but it was TOUGH.

Evonne said...

Thanks for the reminder that I need to finish the laundry I started this morning. I wish I could find a way to make that fun.

When it comes to the kids and I cleaning up their toys, I try to make a game out of it. Sometimes it works, others not so much.

Deb said...

Scary photo, reminds me of a Capitol Hill laundry mat I used to go to because it had the most machines. Very entertaining clientelle. You wouldn't catch me in there at this point of my life...shudder, shudder! Motivation; I just remembered as a girl I used to pretend the President was coming to dinner and I had to get things ready! Oh my what an imagination huh! Now I am so grateful to have time to take care of those things that I enjoy them more...but in a pinch...I've got some good helps.

Anonymous said...

Well its tough for me to understand that. I guess me being a superhero keeps my days exciting!

Vodka Logic said...

Stuck in a you have an hour or two.

I need to start appreciating what I do have