Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pregnancy Tests and a Gallon of Ice Cream

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Updated side note! : If you live in a hole (or a dungeon like Shelle) then you don't know about Blog of Note. If you don't know about Blog of Note, then you don't know that Adam was just named - the blogger to take note of! Congrats! I swear I have the best blogger friends.

Ok, on with the show

If you haven't been around the House of Jules lately because you were someplace like Singapore locked into a building covered in stars then you don't know that I did a pod-cast with Adam from Throwing Quarters.

Back story: Adam hosts a podcast. For last week's podcast his guest canceled. He mentioned this on his FaceBook page. I being the ever problem solver and chronic joker commented that he should just call me and I would fill the time. In steps fate - another person comments that they thought this was a great idea (of course it is, I came up with it!) The ball is now rolling.

As the cast gets closer I realize I have nothing - no story of my own. For the first time I am speechless. Blame it on the dreary summer or my lack of activity lately. (I mean who wants to hear me talk about watching my kids take swim lessons - insert cricket noises)

I finally decide to use someone else's life. Why not. (Her life is a sitcom, really.) You can hear the story on the podcast. It isn't far in, it won't be much of a time commitment for you and it really is worth a listen. First there is a song (a rather good one if I do say so myself) and then my story. Ok - go listen.

Done? yeah- go back- you didn't really listen, that was too quick.


ok, now you listened to it? good ... here is the rest of the story.

Like all good programs some things that are not quite golden, but still note worthy end up on the cutting room floor (or in this case the virtual trash bin). So, today - for a Mundane Monday I am going to write down some more combination. So here we go - combinations you can buy at Walmart to freak your clerk out. (some may double up from the cast-deal with it) :

  • Pregnancy test and condoms
  • Nicorette and cigarretes
  • Coffee and Tylenol PM
  • Pasta and a Dr. Atkins book
  • Balloons and cacti
  • Stereo and earplugs
  • Light bulbs and a sleeping mask
  • Beer, shooting permit, wedding license
  • A man buying - women's panties (size XL), a big pack of razors, shave cream, and bandaids
  • Goldfish, 2 liter goldfish bowl, and 2 liters of Mt. Dew
  • A shovel, large storage tote, paint thinner
  • Slim Fast, Doritos, Bag of candy, and a Motivational weight loss book
  • Plastic sheeting, an ax, duct tape, and a local forest map
  • Diet Coke and any fattening food
  • Red bull, heavy metal CD, and sleeping aid
  • Some real life purchases--
  • Fancy bra & panties, spackle, dog treats, velcro, condoms, & chain
  • Bungee cords, women's lingerie, motor oil
  • Prom dress and tennis shoes
  • A shopper witnessed a man ahead of her buying a maternity dress and very large shoes
  • A gallon of ice cream and a pregnancy test.
  • A case of KY once a week for a whole summer (this was for a theater group that was using it like hair gel)
  • Pack of condoms, ice cream, whip cream, curling iron, and binder clips.
  • Neck massager and batteries (the clerk told her to have a "good night")

That leads me to my final point. I hate when clerks comment on your purchases. Talk to me, ask me how the weather is, joke about working or shopping there - but DO NOT COMMENT ON MY PURCHASES! I dont care if you don't like cherries, I am buying them I obviously do. Do not tell me my bra is "cute" ugg - it is just creepy!

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Do you have any others - any good one? Put them in the comment box... my comment box is getting boring, let's spice it up!


Coachdad said...

Good stuff... pregnancy test and condems? Protection when they cheat? Wish my first wife did that.

Mari Mansourian said...

funnnnny Jules, now I'm going back to listen to your story

Mari Mansourian said...

you sound lovely Jules, great story... and you putting him on hold on live podcast... classic..nice...
good job

math guy, dock guy said...

Your such a great wifey to put Adam on hold when I called.
What is funny is hearing you when I called "...I got to go, I am doing the pod cast RIGHT NOW!!!"... then hearing the other side of it with Adam on the pod cast. LOL
Now that is funny! (to only me of course) Sorry Adam - but you handled it so well.

Vicky said...

Good stuff, sorry to have missed out :) You'll have to do it again sometime, sounds like a lot of fun!

Deb said...

Yea, I thought it was a RIOT to put Adam on hold...LOL funny. Your husband is indeed a lucky man.

Vicky said...

So here is one I would have added myself :) maybe round two? A copy of Catcher in the Rye and a filled prescription of anti-psychotics.

rxBambi said...

Too funny Jules! Loved it! And you sounded beautiful ;)

Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

Enjoyed your pod cast Jules. Take care..Kathi

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

It's true... I DO live in a dungeon... SIGH...