Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I Meant to Say

It is that time again - What I Meant To Say

To the Taco Bell Guy
- what I said was "hi, yea, I would like....." after he said "hi, how you doing? what would you like today?"

WIMTS - was THANK YOU for not asking me would I like to try a zesty burrito or some other food suggestion that only serves to annoy me. I am getting out of my car right here in the drive thru and giving you a standing ovation!"

To my cat - what I said was - "It is ok, you will adapt" after he got pissy with me for rearranging the entire basement last night.

WIMTS - "You be careful you tiny beast I feed and water you and scoop your pooo out of the litter box, I can make your life very very miserable old man/cat."

To the cashier
- what I said was- "ok". When she told me my total was $89.34

WIMTS - "What? what? are you kidding me? you adding your own things on here or what? Seriously, I stopped in for a few groceries that we have run out of - yogurt, eggs, soup, and a few other small things. How do groceries add up that fast? We can't eat... any.more."

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This afternoon's Collaborative Photo Project word is : Flight
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Deb said...

I once had a checker say (after she had finished ringing my total), "Someday someone is going to snap and start shooting! Who can afford to eat?" I was shocked and had to agree with her. So... you'd better keep your head down.

MIITB said...

That happens to me every time I go to any store. I need two or three things and then suddenly I need a to apply for a 2nd mortgage to pay for the bill... so ridiculous.

P.S... love that pic of the girl on the side!!! Hilarious

Stasha said...

Hi! Stopping by from Chief's...

I hate when the voice from the speaker suggests things to order. Unfortunately, it is part of their job to suggestive sell things to you in order to try and get you to spend more money...

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I love the cashier one! I do that ALL the time!!

Will Burke said...

Love the cat one, and love those sulky, audacious creatures.

Evonne said...

I think groceries go up in price once you put them in your cart. Inflation..ya, that has to be the reason all those little things added up to be so much!

BNM said...

ahhh i dont know how groceries add up so quick and then you get home & dont have anything!! its crazy!!

Unknown said...

I usually go through the self-scan at the grocery store so I don't hurt the cashiers but the last time the computer told me my "red seedless grapes were $8.38"...I pummeled the damn thing!!
Grocery shopping sucks!!!

Hannah Jo said...

This post made me laugh SOOOOOO hard! Made my day :) Whenever I need a good laugh I just hop on over to your blog!