Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My five year old has banned me from saying this word, but come on people
Stop being such followers!
Think, think, thiiiiiiink!

I do not understand how a bunch of relatively smart individuals suddenly and without warning start acting like a mass group of idiots. I do not think I am any smarter then the common man. But, amazingly I find myself often alone in my actions.

I can get in and out of my kid's school in record time to pick them up - simply because I do not try to crowd into the front parking lot that everyone is going into. I do not break the rules and head into the bus parking lot, nor do I teach my children terrible lessons by picking them up early - no - I simply drive around the back and occupy one of the 8 spaces always empty and available. I walk around the edge of the playground and grab my waiting children and head out. In and out. No mass suicide into the parking lot from hell with all the other sheeple.
This is just one of many fine examples. From clothes, to shoes, to handbags ladies conform everyday. A celebrity has it, your neighbor does, etc. Even crafting goes in trends that people just follow along with: cross stitching, stamping, scrapbooking, candle making, hotpads, fleece blankets etc. Don't get me wrong, I know that not all of this is bad. Following some trends is good and does help with social acceptance and keeps you from being the crazy cat lady, or that lady rocking the 80's fashion, not because it came back, but because you never changed. (yeah yeah - those are trends, different from following......or is it?)

However when individuals are fine with going with the flow and stop using their own minds I have a problem. Stand back, observe, look around, listen, but most of all THINK people. It is time to lift your head up and see if you are walking over the cliff simply because you are following.

What example of sheeple-ism have you witnessed lately?

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beth said...

AMEN and can I have a hallelujah ????

Anonymous said...

Well its easy to find Sheeple on every political post I write. The people who don't think and just spew talking points. Check the last one and see. I have a comment from a hot Sheechick who evidently didn't even read the post. She babbled aimlessly talking points.

Just to be sure this is in the record, I Southern Sage, do firmly believe that I am smarter than the common man. I base the beliefs on observations I make daily. Four score and.. well never mind that part.

McGillicutty said...

Come to the South darling there are Sheeple everywhere you freakin' look. The way they dress their kids is the prime example... smocks are not for boys!!!!!!!!! urgghhh.
I love and embrace individualism... and you my friend fit well into that category.. ha ha... get it.. :)

Jana said...

I am obstinate enough to not follow anyone or anything blindly…and thank God for that. I shudder to think of what I would be like if I didn’t think for myself.

Amy said...

Shout it from the rooftops!

I agree totally. People are full of fear these days. Fear of being different, fear of failure, fear of judgement, you name it and people are most likely nervous about it.

Great post.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Baaaaaaad sheeple. B

Will Burke said...

I asked someone who was buying yoga pants, "taking up a new hobby?" she said "No, I just like the clothes." Well, isn't that handy that what you like is also fashionable...

Deb said...

No sheeples here in cow country! Ha! Eccentricity powers this heifer! :-)
Your parking lot example brings back amazing memories from the school at Parker. Parents brawling in the lobby over parking spaces, my snatching a child out of the road in front of the school before a speeder flattened him, a hysterical parent screaming at the principal that she was an idiot because she changed the traffic pattern. Geez! I recommend a shot of wheat-grass for those hurried streesed sheeples.