Saturday, December 20, 2008

The "Good" Bowl

Why do we save the good stuff for a special occasion? Trying to make supper preparation a little more special tonight I took out one of my "good" bowls.

As I was using it, I thought...why don't I use this bowl? Why save it? Who am I saving it for?

Same goes for fancy soap or a special necklace. If we save it for company or an evening out we are wasting many "special" moments in our ordinary days. I guess I worry I may ruin it. But, at least I enjoyed it before it got ruined.

I say this as I remember my aunt who was "saving" her crystal. She finally decided years and years later to take it out. From disuse (and cheap crystal) it had turned milky while in storage. Another example is when my grandmother died they had an estate sale. I came home with a huge basket of fancy soaps she had acquired over the years. Now here I was with them. What good did they do her? They sat in the cupboard collecting dust waiting for an occasion special enough to use them. Obviously, one never came.

So, take out the good bowl tonight, set the table with crystal, put the good soap in the holder, and treat YOURSELF and your FAMILY to the lit candles. Why save it for those moments that don't come.


Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Thanks for mentioning this post in your comment to me, I enjoyed it.

We have close family friends who regularly drink their iced tea and water out of sterling silver water goblets because the wife wants to make memories with them, not have them collecting dust.

I agree, pull out the "good bowl" whatever it may be!

Just Jules said...

Well said! It does seem, through your blog that you do appreciate all things. Thank you so much for visiting this post!