Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Update

So, an update.
I am back from a nights stay at the most expensive accommodations in town; our hospital. I suffered through a kidney stone. It has passed with the promise of more to follow.

Although I have made myself prescription free in the last year, and have successfully switched our house to "natural" I was first in line for the pain and nausea meds in the ER yesterday afternoon! There is a time and place, that is why prescriptions were made. However, I do still believe Americans abuse over the counter and Rx drugs....(that's a whole different blog!) I am thankful those Rx's were available yesterday. For now, I am feeling much better and am thrilled to be home and getting the preperations underway.

The stay did make me examine what was absolutely necessary (wrapping gifts) and what could be set aside (scrubbing down bathrooms etc) This did help me become more focused and I am truly enjoying myself this afternoon (vs the panic that had started setting in yesterday!)

I hope you all enjoy your holiday festivities. Enjoy each other - but remember - it won't be perfect - but it will be real!



Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo,
Good to see you back home! Not that it wasn't enjoyable visiting you in the hospital, but you're back in your element now.
Take care.

Just Jules said...

Thanks man. Have to be made of rubber - quick to bounce back!