Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 11th Anniversary!

Wow. Hmmmm. Our oldest wee one looked at our wedding pictures and said - "That's you? Wow, you were a LOT younger!" I guess so. There is a big difference between 35 and 24..... However-

In summary no other time in my life has gone by as quickly as the last 11 years.

We have moved from North Dakota, back to Minnesota, out to SW Colorado, back to Minnesota. We have built a house and improved that house. (sorta) We have been through several vehicles. We have had 5 children, lost one. We have spent more time apart then together building a life together. We have both been working on all areas from the foundation to the finishing touches. But, like a house. You are never done. Paint chips, a tree hits the roof - there is always maintenance to stay on top of, and improvements that you want to make. Any couple who thinks their relationship is perfect is being fooled (or lazy).... there is always work to do.

I love my hubby and have from our first date. (Maybe from the first time I saw him walk around the corner with his bright blue eyes) The longer we are together the more I love him. We do, like most young couples, get lost from each others. So much! Kids, work, work, work, kids, other responsibilities, and lack of available babysitters (never mind h0w much it cost to do anything these days, plus pay for the sitter!!!!)

But, for tonight, we will go to the movie and enjoy a couple of kid free hours together.

(I have been married long enough to know my other half will fall asleep either during or right after the movie. I will love the movie, and it will bother him that it is "not realalistic". I will stay up late, he will crawl into bed as soon as the sitter is home.)

He is --linear--, I am well, what, ~~I am not~~! Yet it works. Funny~~ --

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