Friday, December 26, 2008

In Summary : Christmas

I am.....

I received this necklace from my sister in law for Christmas. I think it sums up my holiday.

Was Christmas perfect? Did it go off without a hitch? Of course not!

But, I was around family. We were warm, safe, and all had beds to lay our heads. There were more gifts then necessary - even if everyone of them wasn't "perfect". As always there was more food then we knew what to do with. We were even blessed to have extended family (grandpa and aunt and uncle) stop by to share the joy.

I think of those who were at shelters, without family, no gifts, little hope, and waiting in line for a hand out meal. Doing it without complaint.

I will take family quirks and screwed up schedules with a smile on my face and count my blessings. For we are all blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. Christmas was very nice this year because I think we all knew we were blessed. Blessed to be together, safe and warm. It made my heart very happy.