Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolution #3

Resolution #3 Spend more intentional time with my beloved.

Amazing how we have time for everything else in the world except what matters. As mentioned in a former blog
(happy anniversary) we have things working against us. (Mostly available/good babysitters, and the cost of going out). Now I say this like going out is the only option. It isn't and I know that - however, staying at home is very distract able (ok, so I am distract able) between the things not done and the couch being a little too comfy for one of us (zzzzzzz.....) it does not work well.

However, I believe we need to make time together "intentional" We need to make sure we don't miss our plans like we wouldn't miss a business meeting. Have a plan and go with it.

1)So, first comes date ideas - always a toughy.

2)Then, increasing my list of potential babysitters. All of our sitters are getting to the age of being too busy.

3)Then of course finding plans/ ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg since the sitter will need to be paid with those!

There in lies the challenges behind resolution #3. But this is probably the most important resolution on my list - I would say one that is WELL WORTH THE CHALLENGE!

picture by A. Nelson - Our Vow Renewal (after 10 years) Summer of '08

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