Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mr. Short Term Memory Man

There used to be a skit on Saturday Night Live called Mr. Short Term Memory Man. This guy (Tom Hanks) could only remember the last few seconds of his life... it was hilarious (maybe because I was like 12 years old) anyway... I think American's suffer greatly from this short term memory syndrome!

I heard a blip on the news yesterday that the Prius car by Toyota has changed it's production plan here in the USA. The reporter said it was due to less demand now that gas prices have dropped to incredible lows.

Now, I appreciate the new low prices on gasoline. I especially appreciate it during the Holiday season. But, much like childbirth I remember the pain of high gas prices. You know, actually, I can not remember the actual physical pain of childbirth (and oh there WAS pain!) but I do remember the pain the true pain of filling my tank at almost $4 a gallon. OUCH! But, like childbirth, I guess we do forget because we keep driving excessively or, we decide not to buy that fuel efficient car.

Do we all really think gas prices will stay this low? Are we really Mr. Short Term Memory Man? Do we all forget that quickly?

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