Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick! Don't Miss It!

For years things have been a whirlwind at Christmas time. Tonight was no different. I was scurrying, trying to make sure my wee ones didn't miss out on any wonderful Christmas memories. I first attended the Kindergarten Christmas sing along. Then rushed all the wee ones to their little "holiday store" (white elephant sale) at the pre-school so they could do their holiday shopping. It was the plan that after the store we would walk down the hall and see Santa.

As we were waiting for Santa I was talking to the kids and watching their anticipation. Then it hit me. I mean like a --smack me upside the head so hard I got dizzy -- kind of hit me. This (for those of you who are lost ---> "this" is the "it" that hit me) this was the last year that all four of the kids would believe in every aspect of Christmas. Our oldest is 9 this Christmas. When he is 10 some realities will set in (through his higher level thinking, and his classmates big mouths....) anyway things like Santa may not be as "magical" next year.

This is also the year I have been waiting for. Because I have been anticipating the year that wee one #4 would be 4 years old. That is this Christmas... he is 4! Wow, double slap up side the head!

Now I had to sit down. (Luckily there was a child size chair close!) My mind raced. Quick!!! Enjoy this!!! Don't miss it!!! I spoke with dad and told him to stop by and enjoy what would possibly be the last year to watch all four sit on Santa's lap. I took extra video and extra pictures, we even went out to eat ( we don't often torture servers or our pocketbook with four kids at a sit down restaurant, so the kids knew there was something special going on) We even planned a sleep over under the Christmas tree while watching Christmas shows (thank you DVR!) I passed off all the excitement as "our Christmas Party" (too much to explain mommy having an emotional break-down!)

Amazing, for four years or more now I have been saying - Quick! Holiday Season, get done! Let's get back to normal life! But, tonight I am thinking - let these next few days creep by. Let me stay patient, let me enjoy everything I can. Which probably means I am setting myself up for some let downs. But, hopefully not as big of a let down I think I would feel years from now if I let this year slip by.

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