Friday, June 26, 2009

7 Random Facts About Me, (and a pic too)

Sandra from World's End Farm
was so wonderful to give this award to me.

I simply have to tell you all 7 things about myself. Alright, buckle up, here we go...

1) I am the baby in my family and the only girl

2) I am less and less concerned with what people think about me, as long as I like myself.

3) I often put my make up on in the van as I drive to where it is I have to be.

4) I have absolutely no interest in cooking lately.

5) I love both early mornings and late nights ... it is the afternoons that seem wasteful.

6) I got a new (to me) van a few weeks back and am finally getting over feeling guilty for driving it. (since I almost feel like I am cheating on the old one which still has quite a few good miles left in it)

7) I set up all of these fabulous "sitting" areas - little places to relax in the yard. Yet, I never feel comfortable enough to just sit and relax.... sigh - so really they are there to make it LOOK relaxing.

pic taken by A. Nelson at our vow renewal Summer '08

Now 7 people to pass it onto.....

Hmm -
Debra at Sojourner
Seaside Girl
Seriously - anyone is worthy of this.... if you follow my blog and you have commented in the last several weeks then grab this award (right click and save the image Deb) and write 7 things about yourself... Just leave a note here so people can come read them.

Plus I am being terribly lazy and rushed and not linking all or any of these people. I have to go finish folding laundry and then packing - I have to get to a surprise bday party by 7 pm and have a few hours to drive... plus I haven't showered yet - how is that for another random thing about me!

Now go tell me 7 things I will be back maybe Saturday night.


Mari Mansourian said...

hey Jules, i am so with you on #2, have a great trip, and thanks for tagging me... i'll have to do it tomorrow though, already have a post today and a very touchy one at that.

Anonymous said...

I qualify to take the meme!
But I'm not doing it so there!

Have fun!

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

First thing is first; you are a very beautiful woman J!

Now ...
1) aww thats so cute!
2) Good for you! That's the way it should be.
3) Wow. That's talent lol. I cant even put on lip gloss without standing smack infront of a mirror.
4) Neither do I lol.
5) I love afternoons and late nights.
6) Congrats on the new van! Can I have one too? Seriously, I hate mine.
7) You need to sit and relax silly woman. Just do it. Read a book while you're at it.

Memories Of Mine said...

Hey Jules, ditto to number 1 :)

Sandra slso tagged me. I must get mine 7 things up on my blog this weekend.

I hope you are enjoying your new (to you) van. I need a new or new to me car!

Sandra said...

In #2 you are at least a decade ahead of me. It took me awhile to get. When I did, oh brother, did I!

#3, I'm glad I don't drive much.

#7 I also have sitting areas in which I never sit. What's up with that?

Southern Sage....take the meme!

These randon letters are getting longer. Now I have covowano, whew!

Delwyn said...

Hi Jules

you are a beautiful woman with a heart to match

Happy days

Deb said...

I love that photo of you for so many look lovely, you look in love and happy and at peace...and like a woman, not a girl anymore. I know you were cold, but don't make a joke about look great!

So I had fun doing the blog, nice break from my exercise! See it here:

love and kisses!

McGillicutty said...

Jules.. thanks for the meme, I'll get on that after some thought..there are so many random things. I love #2 and I think it comes with maturity and makes a woman way more interesting.
your picture is lovely. xx Ali.

Missy said...

Great post!

Unknown said...

#1,2,& 4 also apply to me. : )