Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunshine Saturday Morn' - picture collages

wild flowering tree, the garden needs a weedin', raspberries starting to grow, dandelions clocking out

Hammocks come out of storage, garden shed awaits,
wood ready for bon fires, swings awaiting passengers

pretty purple petunia, monkey with me, to light your way,
purple columbine to remember the time in CO

collages made at


Lorac said...

Nice ! How do you do collage on posts?

Mari Mansourian said...

ok... gorgeous shots... can we have blog camp at your place???? ;)

Deb said...

I love seeing pics of your home and garden, more, more, more! Seriously, glad you have sunshine there today, none here! Enjoy. lots of love!

spudballoo said...

Just lovely, so peaceful. Great shot and wonderful words x

Lorac said...

Awesome, Thankyou! I will try that.

Delwyn said...

Hi Jules

these are lovely combinations that show off your rural setting well,

I'm glad the sun has returned for you...

happy days

rxBambi said...

Amazing photos, really. And I love the collages, they are inspiring.

whoa, what was that about blog camp? Another one? Oh please please please have one. I really want to go!

Delena said...

Yes, how do you do collages for the post? Mine just go every which way but not squared like yours.
Beautiful pictures and excellent fun descriptions. Screams out summer doesn't it!

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

How to make collages for posts;
1) go to and create a FREE account.
2) upload photos and make a collage (there's a special section for it).
3) save to your computer.
4) upload to blogger (or flickr or photobucket, whatever).


Beautiful pics J! I love the one of the swings lol.

Sandra said...

Great photos. It seems summer has finally found you up there in the northland!