Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time-Lapse Across China

I have nothing right now. No words, no emotions, not even a rant - they are in here somewhere... I just don't have any that want to fall out into words it seems. I do have this though. I was saving it for "a rainy day" a day like today where the words wouldn't come. It is all the more fitting because it is literally raining today.

Watch if you have time - it is fun and amazing, neat and inspiring at the same time. Entertaining... yes. Worth missing the bus for ... no. Watch if you want

Time-Lapse Across China


Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

Well how cool Is that ! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day..Kathi

TheChicGeek said...

Wow, Julie, that was super cool. It was neat to see how his outside changed...I can only imagine the treasures inside him after having had such a wonderful experience. It makes me want to stap on a backpack and head out on some fabulous adventure :D
Have a Happy Day!

Deb said...

Gab loved it too! Said she'd seen a lot of time-lapse videos but in this one his external appearance reflected internal changes as well...Glad it was a rainy day your way. Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

Homer and Queen said...

Very cool...are you always this deep?