Monday, June 8, 2009

Round 2 of Ask Jules

It is time once again for your favorite game - Ask Jules. That is right gather the family and try to answer along at home. See how Jules does this month - did she nail it or fail it... here we go, leeeettttsss play - "Aaaaaaaaaaask Jules"

Ok, keeping it light and fun; how do you think they get the caramilk inside the Caramilk bars? (PS: I know the REAL answer. But I want a fun answer teehee).

Well, I had to Google Caramilk to see what this thing is that you speak of. So, I am going to assume it is a candy bar with goo in it (I don't eat too many sweets) so, hmmmmm

I am going with Flower fairies of the Northern Regions who need a job during the winter when all the flowers are sleeping. Their magical fairy powers sitting around for 9 months going to waste and all. So, they flutter over on the backs of dragon flies and bumble bees, some of course catching rides on the back of the migrating birds - to the magical Cadbury factory (which we all know is run by bunnies) and build up a years supply of what I am sure is a luscious treat. Magic wands up and sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle.

I'd like to know about when you and your fam lived in Colorado... what brought you here? did you like it? what was the reason for leaving? etc. :)

Hubby and I lived in the SW corner of Colorado in Nucla. It is a tiny spec on the map and you would only find it if you got lost off the scenic byway. Dearest, who was not hubby then, got his first teaching position out there.

I/we loved it. Dearest was hired for a temp. position. That position ended. He was offered another job in a district 20 miles away - but we chose to come home (to Minnesota) and start a family. He got a job in a great district (which he still teaches in) within two hours of our families, so we returned. (I will stop there since more of our life described in another question below)

i want to know what to do about the blogosphere becoming like the real that women are so hard on women everywhere. and what we can do to not take it all so personally....

What I have to say to this is-

Stop it people! The blogosphere is not the real world. If someone says something you don't like, (unless they are blogging from the cubical next to you) ignore it! Move on, go to a different blog. If you continually don't like what they say then stop going to their blog all together. If they are bugging you on your blog there is a great ignore button for this reason.

And..... you can still visit similar blogs and chose to ignore comments from the other person. It is not worth the fight! Not here. I have found people in this virtual nirvana that I am sure would collide with me in the real world even more then they bug me online... I purposely don't read their stuff and I skip their comments - it works, it's o.k. We aren't suppose to like everyone, nor is everyone going to care for us - it's o.k.

My answer is - Dragging worldly (trivial) issues into the blogosphere is like dragging sh*t on your shoes through the pearly gates. Nobody wants it! Don't do it!

  • Jennifer and Sandi said...Which state has been your favorite to live? N.Dakota, Colorado or Minnesota?

Ah each one represents different parts of my life.

North Dakota - I was in college. I had college friends and a college job. It was a great town (Fargo) for this time of my life. I was only an hour from home, yet it could seem like a million miles away. I met my husband there too. I would hate living there now. It is flat, windy, and (Fargo)is overcrowded. Plus the snow blows from Montana and doesn't stop till it hits the Minnesota border!

Colorado - It is where we were engaged. It was the start of my married life. An ideal setting to for starting out. If we had a problem we had to deal with it ourselves - figure it out if you will, no calling home for help. We were in the middle of nowhere with a group of people our age in the same situation we were in. We had a great group of friends and took the opportunities to enjoy those friends. However, none of us had kids. If we still lived there I wouldn't want to live in the same town, but in one of the larger towns within the same area would be ideal. I loved it in Colorado best because adventure was at every corner. We could decide on a whim to go for a 30 mile backpack trip through the Grand Gulch. Or, get an invite to climb the peak of Mt. Wilson. We were in reach of Moab, Telluride, and great little mt. villages like Ouray.... There was something to do no matter what the season. Biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, slick rock, hot springs, petrographs, cliff dwellings, springs, waterfalls etc - just a wealth of "stuff".

Minnesota becomes unbearable from mid-January until the beginning of May. But, family is close and people live with a strong work ethic, and a high sense of morals, values, and ideals that we hope our children will aspire toward.

If I could have the ideal situation (where I didn't have to worry about my kids) right now I would live in SW Colorado during the winters and come back to a fabulous lake cabin for the summer in Minnesota.

Your advice was great last time. I packed shorts and the sun shone all holiday. So I am going large this time....
Would you give a husband who had left you a second chance? :-) See that's got to be an easy yes/no answer.....




Did he go out to get cigarettes and never return?

Gosh, really, that depends. I can see some situations in which yes, I would. There was a reason you got married to that person in the first place, there had to have been something there in the beginning. I wouldn't rule it out totally but, too, I wouldn't jump in with both feet and closed eyes either. I would imagine this would be one of those times where professional help would come in handy -either a marriage counselor or a pastor who is trained in such affairs (depending on your belief system). I wouldn't do it alone. Plus I would draw up some strict boundaries before getting things rolling.

However, if he dropped you flat for superficial reasons and is seeing that the grass wasn't greener and has not changed his ways - meaning he very well could turn around and do the same thing in a year then no... keep him moving right on past. Life is too short for continual suffering brought on by us not changing. (If it hurts to beat your head on the wall then stop doing it - or know that you are going to keep hurting your head!)

Seems like you need a "heavy" question to add to the pot. To follow up on our question the other day, "What's the cure for loneliness?"

Alcohol. Next question.....

ok! a very "duhh" question, (don't laugh everybody). i can't figure out how to add the "you might like these stories" at the end of my posts... duhh right? Hey i am pretty new at this "blog" thing, and i'm sure if i pocked around enough i'd figure it out, but i just want someone to tell me... help Jules

This one can be done from any blog that has the "Link Within" gadget already on it. Look at the bottom right corner of this gadget you will see the Link Within logo.(or just click on that link I provided for you)... Click on those words and follow their simple instructions. Be aware the gadget takes awhile to load to your page and as best I can figure it uses your "labels" to link like stories. So if you use random, hilarious, "stories in themselves" label like Julochka at MPC then it may have a harder time actually linking like stories. But, I took mine off only to be told by a bloggy friend that she had read more of my old posts by using this gadget then she would have without it - so back up it went. Enjoy.

  • Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...I'm dieing to figure this out. How come I can not get my link to work on my face book fan page. It Is suppose to take you right to my Etsy shop when you click on It but It doesn't. I messed with this dog gone thing for hours yesterday. Thanks..Kathi
Alex @ I'm the Mom helped with this question already - thank you dear. I know what I know and I know what I don't know... I don't know Facebook.

It is Friday, June 5/09 and there is snow in the forcast for Southern Saskatchewan (Canada)...please Jules...tell me...will we ever truly have spring/summer this year???

Yes it will happen on July 9th a Thursday.

This is the day after my birthday and before the weekend, so inevitably it will be that day - ruining my birthday and my plans for the weekend.

On July 10th we will then plummet into an early Fall. Ahh the Northern seasons Winter and Almost Winter!

any good advice on how to stop myself from biting my finger nails?? I've done it since I was little!

Well, when I was 6 and a constant thumb sucker my dad threatened to wrap his dirty socks around my thumbs (my dad worked at a feed mill and his socks... yeah - yuk!) It worked!

You have to associate biting your fingernails with something so terribly gross that the idea actually repulses you. Then when you start to chew your fingernails and you get the idea that you are chewing snail shells or something as repulsive your stomach will turn and you will (hopefully) stop. After all, really, think of all the gross crud (i.e. germs, fecal matter, snot from the Walmart shopping cart, pet dander, etc etc....) If you really want to know what is under there - Google "what lives under your fingernails" that should be a good start!

This works with trying to eat healthier foods. Check it out here (by associating bad food with bad feelings)

Given the recent comments by President Obama in Cairo, he said, "I've come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles -- principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings."

Do you feel that American's will ever learn to forget the tragedies of 9/11 enough to follow out President's lead and look for reconciliation with the Arab world?

That was just a softball too. I look forward to your answer!

Ok, Adam - here is the toughest question of them all for me for a few reasons

1) I have distanced myself from all media lately. I got incredibly angry with their subjective nature and put myself on a news fast (2) I am one of the most unpolitical people around... unless you start messing with education - then you can get me to stand up and make speeches (yeah, I did....)

However, I said ask and I will answer -so here it goes.

First I hope and pray that no one ever forgets 9/11. That would mean too many people would have died in vain, both victims and our service men and women. The families will never forget, I will never forget. But, is there a difference between forgetting and moving forward? Yes. I hope we can move forward after the events of 9/11.

Secondly, I am less worried about Americans accepting a reconciliation then I am about the radical Islamic people. (sometimes I think we as Americans are too lazy to hold a grudge for too long!) I think it will take far more then fancy words and quoting the Koran to change the mentality about Americans that this group of people have.

No matter what party lines you draw I believe in the end everyone would like to see some form of peace restored here in America and abroad, I do think that it is foolish to believe one man in one term of office can accomplish this and more. It will take years and years to undo any damage that is done anywhere.

Neither side will forget, but I hope that we both can move forward.

Here's one for ya... how in the world are you going to find time to answer all these questions??? I can't wait to see what you write... you are so awesome!!!!

I am going to answer these the same way I do other things in my day. One at a time when I want to avoid my other work/world. Right after I find my super hero costume... I will continue saving the rest of the world.

  • Now I am done messing with Debra - her question was

"What's the cure for loneliness?"

Something to look forward to - hope possibly. That is my answer. If there is something to strive for, to hope for, to look forward to - then a person can go on. So, each day you need to figure out either a long or short term goal to keep you going through the day. Then hopefully you can muster up the ambition to get out of the three day old sweats (not thinking of anyone in particular) and go out into the world and find a bit of company whether it be with people, a book, a movie, or nature.


Wow you guys these were tough ones this time! I even had to do a little research! Now of course I only have a degree in b.s. and you should not hinge any life changing decisions on what I say - but thanks for playing along. It has given me something to think about - a way to keep my brain busy! Until next time....


Edit - I just saw this in my email! Sorry Leah I missed this somehow -

Leah asked:

1)now that i got a new oven, what can i blame my burnt or not done enough food on?

Tell your man that it was the "deep and sensual thoughts that you are having about your man... distracted me so much honey I didn't notice the food burning until I smelled it..... I just thought it was the thought of you making me hot!" That should work! He'll forget all about the burnt food.

2)why do i hate lawn ornaments so much?

Cuz really - they are tacky. Made for the general purpose of keeping crazy ladies and children happy!

3)why doesn't repainting my toe nails ever make it to the top of my list of things to do.

Because your life is just that fabulous. When you are begging for something to do and the trivial task of painting your nails flies to the top of your list is the day you know 1) you are avoiding something 2) you have a date 3) your life is that boring.

Thanks again you guys -this was fun!

Side note - I didn't link most of the photos

all of which I got off from a Google image search -

don't turn me in for copyright infringement please...

much too tired and lazy to link them all.


Mari Mansourian said...

Jules another great "session" of Ask Jules, and thanks adding that gadget was sooooo easy, it's done :)

Seaside Girl said...

Brilliant advice Jules like last time. Strangely I do have a close friend whose husband left after popping out to buy a bottle of wine...

And the first loneliness answer was hilarious.

thank you. I will be ready to play again whenever you are :-)

Catherine said...

Too funny!

Adan said...

loved all the questions and answers.

I did like how you answered my question. very interesting!!

I love this idea!

Deb said...

Ok, I laughed out loud TWICE! What a great way to start my day. Regarding my question, I do have a long term goal, Get Jules to come visit me by tempting her with fab. photos of SW Colorado. How am I doing so far? Fabulous job, every answer was right on. Was really impressed with the political question, personally I would have had to pass on that one. My "psychic shield" has been working overtime lately. I have to agree, this should be a regular feature of your blog.

tangobaby said...

Wow. Good work here. I don't have any questions at present (well, I do, but they're probably too existential to bother with) but I enjoyed your answers.

And no, I won't turn you in for copyright infringement.

Jessi said...

I LUV that you LOVE Colorado! :) We're a darn good state, aren't we?

Homer and Queen said...


Amy said...

I knew you would be good at this.

julochka said...

i think this round is even better than the first round. i personally loved "alcohol" as a cure for loneliness. but then, i see it as a cure for just about anything. heck, you can even pour it on a cut to disinfect. hmm. i wonder if it would help my blisters. :-)

McGillicutty said...

One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus, That's all I'm Asking from You.

That song often goes thru my head,, you so nailed it!!!!

Hugs... Ali.

Stacey Childs said...

I love this idea! Can you please tell me how people get themselves into really really tight jeans without a) ripping the seams 0r b) causing themselves some long term damage??

Marie said...

Oops, posted my question on and older post, thought I'd try it again. My Question: Okay, so I like this guy, we've actually dated, but we are separated now (we needed space). We both really like each other but he thinks I'm crazy because his sister who is a counselor said I was (she only met me once!), he must have thought of something about me that really did make me seem crazy (maybe it's because I made Easter Eggs for his cows??). Maybe I am just too immature or something. I donno (no one else thinks I'm crazy). What should I do prove I am very sane and mature (besides move out of my parents house??). I need to captivate him somehow and prove my sanity, but am not sure how. Jules, help me!

jules said...

Ah. Associating bad food with bad feelings is a good one!