Monday, November 9, 2009

I met someone online, now I have a crush

So, you are probably dying for some news from Vegas. I guess I should start with the biggest news of all. Every spouse fears it, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, and other social networks have increased the likelihood of it happening, and I fell pray... Sorry Dearest hubby, I was charmed. ----- I met someone online, and I developed a crush----- *the crowd goes gasp!

I was so charmed I flew all the way to Vegas to meet with this online crush. We went to the rodeo, yes the rodeo. The PBR (Professional Bull Riding) National Finals together - gotta love your cowboys... sigh.....

Sorry, I'm still here.... physically, but mentally I keep going back to our date. I mean our get together. Here is a pick my crush took while at the PBR - which was awesome, I'd go again in a heartbeat!

Ok, Ok, I know I am killing you.
Here is a pic of my companion.
The person I flew thousands of miles to see
stalked actually.

taken with Shelle's phone
Yes, it is
Shelle from Blok Thoughts
the editor and contributor of
Venus vs Mars

<3 Be still my bloggy heart <3
Now the only problem is that we live a gazillion miles away from each other. I liked her a lot. She is Snow White beautiful, fun, funny, nice, easy going, low stress, fun to talk with, a multi tasking pro (or maybe it is just ADD?), loves cowboys as much as me, and just an all around good person. She was worried I wouldn't think she would be as funny in person as she is in her blog - and she is, just more real. It seemed as though we had been friends forever. The best part is her strength in her faith, I could feel it and it set me even more at ease.

Yeah, you have a crush now too, don't you :)
I don't blame you.
You can send her fan mail here.
(you can also get her take of our meeting here too).

I caught you with the title again, didn't I?
OK, you can go about your regularly scheduled business.
There is nothing else to see here.
You know how I love that.


Big Blue House said...

You had me going there for a minute, but I knew you better. Shelle IS beautiful, but so are you, inside and out. I am glad you had a great time with her. Now lets hear about the rest of your trip! Love you more.

Chief said...

YOu were pretty close to me ya know?

She dos seem like a cute little gal, doesn't she?

I am glad you had a good time

Mari Mansourian said...

how cool... glad you had a great time, isn't the blogosphere great?? :))

Deb said...

So glad you had such a great time...yes, I've been waiting to hear. I thought you were going to tell us that you met a cowboy at the rodeo and were running away from home to join up! Seriously, I want to know about the tattoo and how the costume functioned...keep posting!

Will Burke said...

I'll bet your hubby has marked this as one of the greatest moments of his life! Whether or not it's true, tell him there were tickle-fights!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Big blue house you are right, Jules is as beautiful outside as she is inside! Plus she went to Bull riding with me! And let me drive her around with one arm! She is LONG everywhere and skinny! I was envious!

Yea and we saw cowboys...*dreamy* :)

It was a fantastic time! We live miles away but I fly for free!!!yipee!

Glad you are back and halfway functioning :)

Vodka Logic said...

lol Will Burke.

Love that you met your crush. I met my BFF on line too. We live half the country apart too, but luckily for texts etc we are in touch every day.

Anonymous said...

damn thats 2 absolute hotties right there!!!!! but don't tell Shelle I said that she will get all biggoty!

Anonymous said...

That is an AWESOME pic of you two!!! Sounds like you guys hit it right off!


Adan said...

i will pay you money to view the "other photos" from Vegas!

Unknown said...

Had the phone book in hand turned to divorce lawyers section as I was reading. My fears of the infamous Vegas trip were coming true... then ahhh relief, it was just Shelle. (no offense Shelle) Even though you are much better looking than I and a whole lot more fun, I just know my children will pull Jules back in my direction and back to reality. As much as Jules loved your "date". I think she missed me too (at least that is what she said.)

Steph said...

Wow, I too am jealous!! I love both of your blogs and what a great place to meet- Vegas!!

I'm glad you both had a great time!!

Adaptable Kay said...

Aw, that post is SUPER cute!! hehe
I tell you what, I probably would up and visit many of my blogging buddies, crushes, and loves :)
That is if I had the chance!