Monday, November 30, 2009

Step away from the boxers

As I walked through Target on a quick mission to grab one more birthday present for my son with a quick stop and grab of a loaf of bread, I noted something.

There was a lot of really really (I am talking super) ugly stuff available for you, the shopper, to waste your money on. Stuff that is just plain unnecessary and ridiculous!

I came to a quick conclusion one I hope one you all pay attention to this holiday season:

Just because they sell it,
does not mean that it is:
~good - nice - pretty - necessary ~
~needs to be or should be worn~
~is gift worthy or would be appreciated~

I also decided that:

Just because they make it in your size does not mean you will look good in it!

I am serious about this.
Stop, drop, and roll
(no, that is fire).
Stop, look, and listen
(no, that is train crossings and streets).

STOP and THINK!!!!!!
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Now this can apply to many things in life. It definitely could apply to a lot of things this holiday season. But, please people, please, apply it to shopping.

Let me give examples - because that is how I learn best.
As I breezed through I spotted a rack of Christmas boxer shorts. Now, I am all for getting in to the holiday spirit, but, really? A cute little tree or reindeer stitched at the bottom of the leg would have worked for me - but not these. These were a reddish pink color and in big letters - big enough to fill the whole leg of these XXL shorts were the words "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid" now as if that wasn't just attractive enough the other leg had a picture of Ralphie - obviously from the Christmas Story. No? you don't remember - here, here is a pic:

Now ladies I don't know about you, but, I don't want to be unwrapping my man to find those. Men, I don't really think you want some guy spotting these from the next urinal. What does a picture of Raphie spread from your crotch to your butt crack really say about you???? Or better yet, what does it say about the person that gives those as a gift?

Don't even getting me started on the resurfacing of the leggings and other 80's wear .... ok, I will say this---> it held true in the late 80's and early 90's and still holds true today. If you are over a size 5 maybe a 7 you should not, and I repeat should not put on a pair of leggings. Now, for those of us who aren't 12 yrs old. If you wear Ms. sizes.. you know, the even numbers... you shouldn't even think about it - size 4 or not. See - I told you not to get me started!

Now about the "holiday" sweaters - you know them. The ones with Santa stitched in... now, I really better quit...

Shutting up now.

Chime in -
What horrible things have you seen in the stores or on people this or holidays past?
What is the worst gift of clothing someone gave you.

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Chief said...

I am thinking about the same stuff you are.

Stretchy leggings in the plus sized section, super mario brothers underwear for men, I even saw a shirt for a toddler with south park on it

Vodka Logic said...

As a larger woman I have said many times the same thing. Just cuz it is in your size you don't have to wear it... personally they shouldn't make some colors over a size 6.. orange no thank you...

good post

McGillicutty said...

Oh you are so wise!!!! Thanks for this reminder to everyone... someone once bought me gold flip flops with a line of sequins sown on them!!! I was appalled that they looked at them and saw me!!!! I almost had to re-evaluate my entire being.
Christmas underwear is just wrong.

Meagan said...

My hubby has some pretty crazy boxers. I think it is kind of the mentality that not that many people see them. For instance he had some pink ones with penguins. He refuses to wear pink shirts. Pink boxers are allowed. Do other guys at the urinal see their boxers? I don't know how boys do it!

The new thing is to have ugly Christmas sweater parties so maybe stores figure lets start making them again. The old ladies in Nordstroms always asked for them and were bummed we didn't have them.

Mari Mansourian said...

oh boy... those boxers do sound horrible... for me the sweaters are the worse... especially when they have flashing lights too... -___- i mean who wears this stuff??

Deb said...

So I guess I'll have to take your flannel boxers back to the store huh?

I confess I do love zaney flannel pajamas. I save all silly fashion choices for lounge time. I just bought myself a wonderful jade green pair that have adorable dancing moose-looking reindeer on them. I love them. Especially if they are double-brushed Portuguese flannel.