Friday, November 27, 2009

Stories to tell.... black Friday

It is cold and dark and I am piling myself into a vehicle with coffee in hand. It is 4:45am. I thought as the kids got older I would not need to make this journey. Yes, of course I am talking about shopping - black Friday- where the crazies go.

But, what I am finding is as the kids get older their gift lists get more difficult - and more expensive!!!!! So this early morning, once a year venture is becoming more and more necessary actually.

Cameras, MP3 players, and Nerf guns top the list and sent us searching for deals.

We went, we bought, we don't fight, we come back with stories to be shared (like the lady who was trying to hold back the flood of "cheaters" who were coming in from the sides of the lines, or snagging the last digital camera frame while trying to "sneak" it past hubby for his Christmas gift.... yeah he saw) over cinnamon rolls and coffee.... just as everyone else is getting out of bed.

*another post w/o pics. I am using my dad's laptop while out of town.


Jessi said...

Wow lady, you are so brave... the before-dawn Black Friday biz just aint' for me... I think I woke up as people were getting home from already hours of shopping, haha!

Deb said...

I liked the 'we did not fight' statement. You are so real...of course this goes on in Christmas shopping...but you talk about it! LOL. Sounds like a success...hope Santa is good to you this year too! He's surely noticed that you've been more nice than naughty this year!

Anonymous said...

hope you gotter dun!

Didja get me something nice?

Vodka Logic said...

At least "yours" goes Christmas shopping. sigh.

Adan said...

oh don't get me started about crazies and black friday shipping!

i got a ton of them