Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Read" Collabrotive Photo Project & I was a poor "Read"er

Deb from Sojourner and I continue our Collaborative Photo Project this week.

The word for today is Read. I had already started writing a post for today. Something that was on my mind. Debra was nice enough to veer from our 'emotion' words and allow the word Read to sneak in this week.

For once we are on the same page with our photos - first time for everything right ;)

Jules picture

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Now what is on my mind:

As winter fast approaches the North land, I find myself seeking out books to squirrel away for the dark winter months. I love to read - it provides me with a great escape. I especially like books in which I feel like I get to know the characters. There is nothing more satisfying then to be getting a cup of coffee and wondering what the characters are doing - as if they are living in the book, waiting for me to come back so they can go on living their lives. (is that strange?)

Ok - so I started thinking about this tonight as I was reading One Fish Two Fish Red FishBlueFish (man I hate that book). After finally making it through the book, and upon closing the cover I saw the little - Cat in the Hat I Can Read Beginning Book symbol in the right hand corner. That little symbol sent a memory flooding back to me. A memory of me - the poor reader.

I was a very very poor reader. I was even pulled from class to take part in the Title I program (for math too). The memory was of myself in the library finally interested in reading and excited I found some books I like and wanted to read when the librarian pulled me aside and told me I needed to move to the other side of the library where the books were in my grade level. *Why do adults always get it wrong? Had she known that I was just getting into reading and me bringing home a stack of easy books was better than me checking one grade level book out and not reading it at all. sigh....

Another memory surfaced after recalling that one. The memory of sitting in Jr. High social studies class and the teacher having each student read a paragraph - going around the room (what a bad teacher!!!) anyway, I remember counting ahead and trying to find my paragraph so I could practice before it got to be my turn.After all how embarrassing to mispronounce something in front of the whole class in Jr. High. Yet, I did. Guaranteed. Embarrassed.

Now I am the adult and I love to read. My two oldest kids are fabulous readers. (grades ahead in ability) I just don't want to be the adult that makes THAT mistake* with my third child. Reading does not come easy for him. I knew it wouldn't. It is hard to read words when you have issues enunciating them. (this child has been in speech since he was 2 and only now is he understandable to all) Yet, he can do a one handed hand stand... you know - those differences that makes each child unique - makes them ... them.

We are: finding the line between pushing to betterment and pushing to the point of frustration and turn off, treading the line, making him realize he can do it when he knows right now he can't, fighting the fact that he sees he is different but trying to show him how he is the same. It is exhausting and difficult and new territory for me/us.

Yet as I was reading him that book last night - stopping to point out the words he already knew and showing him how he could figure out a few on his own... without going overboard with it all, the memory of me the poor reader came back to me. Knowing that I am now a very good reader gives me hope for him. All in due time I tell myself, it will all come in due time.


Deb said...

Oh yea, I love it when I find the characters from books entering into my daily life...not strange at all..wonderful.

I remember learning at a reading conference' in Denver that the best thing a parent could do for their children to help ensure that they would be good readers, is to be readers themselves. To model that reading is fun! And to provide lots of different kinds of reading materials for their children; books, magazines, coloring/exercise books. And yes, you were right, let them pick what excites them...So you are doing all the right things, and the very best thing of all...trusting in your child. Believe in him. That kind of confidence is very contagious!

Mr. B said...

People often say that the best way to get your child to read is to read to your child. I disagree. The best way to get your child to read is to read yourself. If you love to read and your child sees you doing it, then your child will read. My wife is an avid reader; I read but not as much. Our children love to read, because that's what they see everyone else doing, so they read in order to fit in. My son used to read himself to sleep at night even before he knew how to read (he would page through the book and look at the pictures), because that's what his big sister and mother did.

I also put limited value in oral reading. That is a different skill that is not as important as reading itself.

Missy said...

Reading will come for him! Don't push. Let him see your love for reading, that is the best encouragement! Great post!

Vodka Logic said...

Great minds think a like...

And I know the link is to Adams post but thanks from me too...

And that button is so big don't want Adam to get too vain...x

Will Burke said...

I'm with Misst -- I remember whei I saw Libraries and reading as very Adult (and therefore, desireable) things. I like your here's-words-you-know with occasional here's-how-to-figure-this-one-out stratagy. I'll have to file that one away

~DokterKenny said...

Poor Jules if only you had this growing up!!


Memories Of Mine said...

Hi Jules, both my children have speech issue (really language issues) as they both have Dyspraxia. Both have intensive speech therapy, My daughter is 9 and the boy is 6. We do sign language to help easy the frustration of being understood.
I believe you can only do so much, in the end they will learn at their own ability. It sounds like you are doing a great job.... a mother always knows best for her child.