Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Collaborative Photo Project - Rest


The word for the day is

Debra @ Sojourner

Debra picked the word for the week. But, I tell you what - she couldn't have picked a better word! I laid down today for my ritualistic nap of the day I was roused by the phone ringing (I always text her when i am laying down and when I get up so she knows when and when not to call - how is that for a b.friend?!) She was calling to say she was worried if I was still sleeping because it had been so long (normally I only sleep for 1/2 hour) I was so so so very tired.

I didn't sleep well over the weekend. Hubby was gone at a Sport Show in Grand Forks, ND. leaving my bed empty and cold, and no one to hold me accountable for staying up too late. Plus my brain was buzzzzzzing if you remember. I was up early from the noise in my brain.

I am one person away from revealing my project. I am finding I really need to stay on top of people to get them to stay focused, but it is coming together perfectly! I shouldn't built it up as much as I am. It will seem deflated I suppose if I do.

Someone asked me the other day if I got my tattoo yet... I have not. But Julie @ Moments of Perfect Clarity sent me a tat pic that I am intrigued with to say the least.... what do you think? (I love love love love birds)


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i really like the birds. but i can't get over the red around them and the fact that they look raised. eek. i have enough indents and bumps all over my body i don't need any more.

i hear ya about the bed being cold. it's amazing how much warmth one arm strewn across me gives off.

Jana said...

Love the's such a unique tattoo, would not mind getting one like this. For some strange reason i can NEVER sleep well on weekends.
How nice to have a friend like Debra who truly cares.
Neat arrangement btw knowing when to call each other.

Just Jules said...

J - it is not Debra unfortunately there are soo many miles between us. she is my Colorado B.F. noo, this is my friend Amy - my in town B.F.

Deb said...

What do I think about tattoos? So glad you asked. I think it is currently fashionable, everybody is doing it. Gab's school has mobile shops parked all around it. The town has 3 parlors on main street. Why? Why mutilate or manipuate our bodies? What does it say? Are we looking for a permanant statment of our impermance? Are we rebelling against a conformist image? I don't get it. Bottom line. I think and have always thought that they are ugly. Black, blue red, yellow, whatever color, UGLY. God gave us glorious beautiful healthy bodies. Yours is a great example of that Jules. So I encourage you to flaunt that beauty. Boldly display your individuality by showing your perfectly clear, tattoo-free skin. Go ahead, play around with henna, makeup, clothes, jewlry(I know, I'm a hypocrite I have pieced ears!) , what-ever. Most of those expressions don't involve mutilating your epidermis, the biggest organ you have. That's what I think.

Deb said...

Question: Do you think your beautiful daughter's shoulder would be more beautiful if it had the birds tattooed on it? Just asking.

Kacie said...

Hello Jules! Pretty neat tat!

p.s. I am back to the blogger world. :)

Will Burke said...

The birds are a nice idea, if you've ruled-out celtic knot-work wrapped from your temple to your cheek-bone, and everything from the barbed-wire genre. I'm sure we can count on you to not get the cliche rose or butterfly; so-o-o-o over-done!

Big Blue House said...

Take it from someone that already has one. Don't do that much at one time. Especially when they have to fill in with ALL INK! Why don't you start with one or two birds, you could always add more later if all goes well. There is always a risk of infection, especially when you have sooo much done. You have to put antiseptic salve on it for a few weeks and you are not going to be able to reach all of them yourself. Don't get me wrong, I love the birds, just start slowly, and on a smaller scale than the whole darn flock! I also agree with Magnificent Debra even if I have a "small" one myself.

Big Blue House said...

Just another quick note, "Those birds look raised. That would be awful, it would also show through T's and white shirts.

Anonymous said...

I really love that tattoo. I tend to get butterflies incorporated into mine and someone asked me the other day what that significance was behind them.

Metamorphosis is what I said. It fits me perfectly.

You too a bit. No? :)