Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Taste of More to Come - Summer

Wild Flowers to discover and name

Wild animals to stalk and hunt
Kitty "Lost"
(which really should be switched to Kitty "Found")

Backyard Baseball


(You have to play this song... come on play along!)

(allowing more time away from the indoors)

When the sunsets it shines in through the star

Yes it is fully functional

It even has a urinal
(there are 4 "men" in the family!)

Now if only the weather would cooperate!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rain Showers
52° F | 41° F
Chance of Rain
61° F | 43° F
Partly Cloudy
61° F | 43° F
Partly Cloudy
65° F | 45° F
Partly Cloudy
68° F | 45° F
Rain Showers
70% chance of precipitation
Chance of Rain
20% chance of precipitation
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy


Delwyn said...

Hi there Jules

What a wonderful backyard for the children and setting for your family activities.

I was looking at your temps - its a lovely WINTER day here today and is 78*!!!!!!

and you are in SUMMER - My winter is warmer now that your Summer !!!
I hope it does warm up for you..

Happy Days

Memories Of Mine said...

Even though your weather is not the warmest it looks like you are still enjoying the outdoors.

We are in winter too and we are experiencing similar temps as you.

Mari Mansourian said...

Jules... that looks like heaven... the smores look yummy :)

Deb said...

Summer camp at your house! Officially celebrating! You are so good at catching just the right the outhouse stars. I can see my blogging changing how I look at things too! Thanks for sharing the fun. Just one problem, no pics of Jules!

jaykbee said...

Oh wow that is the nicest outhouse I have ever seen. Growing up, they were all falling down, dark, web infested, smelly scary places that I couldn't wait to get out of. We had the ones with more than one hole in the bench, just in case there was an emergency and someone couldn't wait, I guess. lol. I am old.

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

is that out house in your back yard??? I mean wow that is a back yard...and if it has an outhouse WOW!!! thanks for sharing the awesome pics!!!

Mari Mansourian said...

Jules a little something for you in my blog today, stop by and see :)

Sandra said...

Love the outhouse! I have an ugly old satellite toilet, yours is much better. It's cold here as well. I have turned the heat back on.

Seaside Girl said...

What an amazing garden and outhouse! I love a camp fire - doesn't go so well with decking unfortunately....

Seaside Girl said...

I'm sorry. I forgot to ask. What's a smore? It looks divine.

Seaside Girl said...

Thanks for the clarification. But can I ask - whats a graham cracker? I only ask because I have this brilliant amercian cheesecake recipe which uses graham crackers and I am not sure what to substitute for them. Are they sweet an plain?

Sorry for turning your blog into cookery corner...I will try to be hip and edgy tomorrow :-)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Who ever thought we would need heat in June? What a great outhouse...especially with the star. Now those smores...pass 'em over here!

McGillicutty said...

An outhouse!!! I am so jealous, I hate to see all the grass trotted through my house when the kids play out side. I always say I'm jealous don't i????

Seaside Girl... You can substitute digestives, they are a little thicker than grahams but about the same sort of taste. You can't make smores with them I wouldn't think but perfect for cheesecake. ;O)

Marie said...

Ah! Summer!!

I am so hungry for S'mores now!! YUM! And I must say, I love that outhouse (so cute!)