Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank God for Little ............Boys?

I always thought I would be the mom of girls.

I just figured I would have a few little piggy tailed, dress wearing, boy chasing girls when I became a mom.

Baby #1 came out of the belly, with the sex being unknown, there was the momentary lapse in time where you are wondering. Then the announcement came - it's a boy! I thought oh, well.... ok, big brothers (in my mind) are way better then big sisters - so that is good!

Next babe gets thrown out of the cosmos into my stomach (that is how it works right?) and low and behold there is our precious little girl, there she is and how fun an older brother and a younger sister... this will be great we were thinking.

We were good parents - fabulous actually. We were really good at juggling a 20 month old and a 3 month old (well, looking back - duh! almost anyone can learn to juggle two balls if they have to!) We were so good (in our minds) that we decided to have one more, a sister for our girly.

Of course now we all know that it doesn't work that way - in most cases you can not pick your sex (unless you are using a Petri dish) and it did not work this time either. We found out ahead of time via ultrasound that our wee one #3 was to be a boy. We told ourselves this was to prepare the two rugrats at home (but in reality I didn't want any wrong feelings at the announcement of the sex) I still thought I was to be the mom of girls.

Well, story goes that a few years. I find out on the same day that my check book goes all sorts of wrong that I was unexpectedly pregnant AGAIN! (now, stop. I love babe #4 and am so thrilled he is my life, but on that day when I realized I was going to be the mom of 4 kids........ on that day my oldest was barely 4 years old, on that day there was no money, and I was so very tired, on that day.... yeah -that day..... ) On that day I told my self that surely this was the sister we had so badly been wanting. 15 weeks later when we are in the ultrasound room and the tech asks if we thought it was a boy or girl and we both resounded "GIRL" I think she was slightly frightened to tell us we were wrong. She squeaked out a quick - nope*.
Sigh -what?
*All I could think was boy, girl, boy, ......and OH boy!

Fast forward - 5 years later we are sitting in the park yesterday, my friend and I. I am zoned out watching the waves roll around the lake when she snaps me from my daze by saying "....this is why I am not the mom of boys, I would go crazy!" Having no clue what she was talking about I said "WHAT?".

"That boy"

"What boy

"The one doing wheelies and stuff (right) in front of us, I couldn't handle that"

"Oh, I didn't even notice", I say

".....and this proves my point." she states matter of factly
'that is why YOU are the mom of boys."

Of course she is right - this mom of three girls. I love my girly I am so very happy that she is in my life. Had I not had a girl I would still think that God was playing a cruel trick on me and mixed up my order. My life is indeed better for having this beautiful, smart, caring, sassy girly girl in my life and I look forward to watching her grown into a lady............ however,

it is the emotional, moody, friend issue, hormonal upheavals, attitude at life-ness that girls possess that I can not handle.

I can handle blood, I can handle physical fights (for now, but the day is going to come that I won't be able to seperate them and they are just going to have to fight it out-soon!) I actually enjoy the wheelie popping, tree climbing, rough housing, truck playing, grass stained, sword fighting, dirt carrying, bug squishy, chaos that is boys. I have never liked mind games - someone remembered this when handing out children ..... I am glad that we don't get all that we think we want!


Deb said...

Ha! I really enjoyed reading this! The line about God mixing up your order is too funny. He really does know doesn't He! Have you heard the theory that we choose our parents before we are born so that we learn the life lessons we need to evolve?

Just Jules said...

yes, indeed I have heard that. I don't think that is the only thing we lay out for ourselves before we arrive here.... even the bad has a reason that we won't know until we check out.

Kacie said...

very cool post! and i've always wanted more boys when i have kids someday... i'll probably end up having tons of girls though haha... :P

Mrs.Rotty said...

I hope i can be like that.
I have a feeling i'm going to have all boys and judging by the way my husbands childhood "adventures"... i'm going to have my hands full.

Fawn said...

this was fun to read!

and you really do have great kids Julie :)

math guy, dock guy said...

And to think that the Dr. said you may not be able to have kids! We have been blessed by God with awesome kids. I strongly believe it is because you, their mom, could have been a great mom of 4 girls, 4 boys, or any combination of each. You are truely the BEST mom in the world. Thanks for being you.

Stacey Childs said...

I love this! I am the only girl in the middle of two boys, and I tell you, I have a relationship with my mum that no boy would be able to have. I hope you and Addie get to have that one day too! And also I think if I ever decided to reproduce that I would want one of each, a girl first. I disagree and think having a girl first is best, and teaches the younger brother things about girls they need to know!

Deb said...

Ahh, I loved reading all the coments, but mathguy/dockguys made me all teary.

Memories Of Mine said...

That was a great story. I alway thouht I wold be a mother of boys and never saw myself having a girl.

Sandra said...

I really enjoyed this. I think a good mother is a good mother. Your children are lucky you are there mother.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a great read! Somehow, the Big Guy knows what we're good at even if we think otherwise.

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

so funny to read - i'm a mother of three boys. and i'm for sure not ever. never. going to have more kids. but it still makes me kind of "hey, what happened" cause i really really never saw myself as a mother of boys. i always had this vision of little girls in summer dresses, picking flowers with tiny pigtails. my order got mixed up (and i love them. more than anything. it just wasn't what i had imagined ;)

spudballoo said...

I really enjoyed this, I'm a mother of boys...I never really knew if I wanted to be the mother of boys or girls. But I definintely don't have any kind of longing for a girl. Your story made me laugh!