Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Collaborative Photo Project - Light. And a shiner....

Our Collaborative Photo Project continues this week.

Let's review for those who are new or forgetful:
Debra @ Sojourner and I have been partaking in a photo project for over a month now. Each week we chose a word. We then each take a photo that represents this word. Only once in these last five weeks have our photos matched.

The word this week is

Deb's @ Sojourner's
take on "Light"

If you have missed the last five posts you can find them here:

One more word and a coordinating picture for you.

The word is Shiner...

This is what happens when two seven year olds
run forward but look back in gym class
- they smack heads-


Cherished By Me said...

Owwwww, that looks sooo sore. :0(

Anonymous said...

surely he tells a different story. ya know about being mugged by 3 commandos having to kill one with his loose leaf notebook. then sticking one in the cranium with a number 2 pencil!
Then of course using his mind power cause the last one to break down in tears until he was crying, vomiting and blowing snot bubbles and he couldnt see to fight, but they did get in one good punch!

Deb said...

Ahh! Big kiss to make it feel better! Mwaah!

Deb said...

My brain cells are in tact, it's the synapses that aren't snapping! Ha! I finished this last night and thought I had sent it to you...Then was done! Today was up at mom's getting ready for the glad you called to remind me. I like our 'light' takes. Very complimentary!

Chief said...

Oh crap that looks lie it hurts

TheChicGeek said...

Owwwww, poor baby :( That one hurt!

I came to wish the girl with sexy legs Happy Thanksgiving! :))
I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, Julie :)
Love to you and your Family :)

Will Burke said...

I can't top SS's version, but when the ladies ask, he can say he was rescuing puppies & orphans out of a burning building.

julochka said...

i take it deb got a new camera? :-)

poor kid, hope he can still eat plenty of turkey!