Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From another time, from another place

I just woke from a dream that left me wondering --->
Do you ever feel like you have come from
another time, another place.
You have a memory or dream that isn't from this life - you wake thinking, "where did that come from? ...probably a movie I saw, or a book I read...." Does a certain type of music pull at your heart or pictures of a far off land feel like home? Have you met someone new that you are instantly connected to?
Deep? Silly? I don't know. I do know that I continually think about the kitchen of a house I have never been in, not in this life time anyway. Yet I know each cupboard as if it was my own now. (that was my dream - again) I also can't hear a song from Ireland that doesn't make me want to either dance or cry. Yes, I have lineage in Ireland - "Black Irish" my genealogy searching aunt tells me, but, I have never been there myself.

How about a child who seems to be wise beyond their years. It is like they know things that their years could not allow for.....

This post will probably only serve as proof for my family to use later when they institutionalize me. Am I claiming I was reincarnated? (gasp I said the word...) No. Do I believe in it? I don't know. But, sometimes... I wonder.

"It is Nature's Kindness that we do not remember past births. Where is the good either in knowing in detail the numberless births we have gone through? ...a wise man deliberately forgets many things" -Ghandi


Laura Doyle said...

I often have very brief flashes of memories of things that never happened. They seem to be in this time period, no real distinct place, but when the flash is gone, I can't 'remember' what it was.

It's the strangest thing...I know I just remembered something, and in that moment, I knew it wasn't my memory, but then the moment vanishes and takes the memory with it.

I can also relate to all the other things you mentioned...the instant connection with a stranger, a special affinity for other cultures or places. My husband always said he was a pirate in another life. We researched the history of his clan in Ireland and found that his ancestors were more or less Norwegian pirates, or plunderers, that conquered Ireland, then settled there. So, hmm.

I really enjoyed this post. I like thinking about this stuff. : )

Just Jules said...

Thank you Starlene - glad no one has broke out the little white jacket that buckles in the back. But, man, I just wonder some days!

Sandra said...

My maternal grandparents came on the boat from Ireland. Our family is Black Irish, not a fair Celt among them. I have always understood the difference to be from Spanish invasion.

I used to have recurring dreams, but I haven't had for some years now. I used to dismiss intuitiveness until I met someone who 'felt' things and was always accurate.

Adan said...

this post is very John Milton.

writing about another place at possibly another time after waking from a sleep.

I can definitely relate.

Kacie said...

Yes, I have dreams like that too. I have re-occuring dreams that take place in the same setting... whether it be a house, party, store, etc. It's weird.

Boutique By Bonnie said...

I think you need to go to Ireland. It's a gift to have echos of a connection to the past "haunt" you.

Just Jules said...

Oh Bonnie, how I wish I could. My aunt (her sons?) and grandmother have been....but alas-no.
I guess maybe on the senior citizens tour.....

julochka said...

there must be something behind those connections (or even those times when you take an instant dislike to someone), but i worry if my dreams are of another life, because most of them take place in a mall or involve planes crashing...

i think you're onto something here and should definitely NOT be hauled away in a white jacket!


A Cuban In London said...

Maybe not in a religious sense, but if matters evolves, and I believe in evolution, then it makes sense that we all have recollections of times we might or not have lived. The human mind is a humongous phenomenon which we have not been able to exploit fully, not even 1%. Loved your post. The same has happened to me.

Greetings from London.