Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I didn't think it could happen

If you remember last week it was cold - REALLY cold -28.5 F.....
I have seen it colder, but, not much. Until this morning.... It was -33.9 F. (-36.9 at the airport) The wind chill was -56 F. (that is below zeroooooo)

A few things happen when it is that cold.

1)School is 2 hours late
2) The sky is a molten grey color (see church pic)
3) You see plows coming and going
(orange is MN D.O.T. , yellow grader is from the County)
4) Propane stops flowing and freezes at -35 degrees.... that is how we heat our house
5) The furnace doesn't stop running all day
(I can just see the money flowing out the heat vents)

6) Things freeze up,(like our sliding glass door, which won't open), birds don't fly, small animals stay hidden (see pine bow)
7) Cars don't start and if they do they ice up quickly. (see van-Vehicles get covered in sand and salt from the roads)
8) You dress in layers - long underware, pants, snow pants, t shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, thick socks or two pairs, coat, scarf, hat, mittens, boots, and blankets in your vehicles (just in case)
8.5) It makes my resolution to exercise impossible! How can one walk miles in all those clothes?
9) You warm your car up before you go anywhere - letting it run for about 15 minutes before going. Then, run to vehicle and from car to location etc.
10) However... We are a hearty bunch and if you are out and about on these cold days, everyone that you run into is in the best mood. They seem to get a kick out of being able to survive this type of environment and the ones that can't, the grumpy ones tend to stay indoors!

What the news is saying....

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