Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Hottest Ticket in Town"

Last night I dug to the back of my closet. I was able to pull together a dress shirt I had bought for a New Year's Party we never got to go to, a pair of pants that would pass for dressy, and dusted off a jacket to keep from freezing to death. I even took the time to curl my hair and attempt more of a make up routine than a bit of lip gloss and mascara. The babysitter was scheduled and arrived on time. We were heading "out"!
(Those of you with kids of your own will understand what a big deal dress clothes, make up, and a ticket to an event can be!)
We were off to see the Bemidji "Volcolmotive"Show Choir Dinner Show/Fundraiser.

Bemidji, MN has an unbelievable chorale program. It is led by award winning director (and friend of ours) Chris Fettig. These kids travel around the Midwest competing (and winning) through out the winter and early Spring. Their dedication and talent is unbelievable! Did I mention that the music is live, performed by young men and women from the High School as well.

As we sat and watched this two hour long program I had to keep reminding myself that these were High School students, and this is an extra curricular activity for them. Also, even though you tend to hear about teens in trouble there are just as many High Schoolers out there doing amazing things. These show choir kids are a lead example of the good teens can do. Other than that, as always, I was left uttering only one word ....WOW....!


Adan said...

glad you had a good time. being a parent i understand how big a deal a night on the town is!

Sandra said...

That was great!