Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Ridiculous!

This is getting ridiculous! It just keeps getting colder and colder. I guess the cold weather wanted to go out with a grand finale. That reads -36.6. At a friend's house (she lives on one of many lakes) it was -40. Glad we have electric back up heat!

It is in the forcast to warm this weekend. By Sunday it could get up to 25 (above zero) It is crazy to think that is 61 degrees warmer! The largest temperature span from day to day I remember was when I was in college from noon on a Thursday to noon on a Friday the temperature was 80 degrees difference! It went from -20 one day to +60... Yet, I moved back here... sigh. I guess it is the summers that capture us.


Ruth said...

You have it worse than we do, and I thought it was cold here. I feel for you!

Thank you for stopping by synchronizing today with your nice comment. You have a lovely blog!

Just Jules said...

thank you Ruth. I loved your photos.