Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well said - from around blogtopia

I think I found the words I was searching for - words to fit the way I am feeling today
The words come from Heartbreak Tango

Excerpt from her blog: "Don't get me wrong. I'm just as excited to have a new president as you are... But what I'm really in love with, and always have been, is the United States of America. " Go check it out.

Take the time to see how San Fransisco and Tangobaby ushered in the new president - she provided words that make you feel

"The canvas was turned and uplifted. And so were we."

Since there is indeed other things going on in the world I want to throw one last thing in - this amazing picture from Mike Terry from his blog What it all looks like. He is a photojournalist and to my completely untrained eye - amazing!


Caroline said...

I am with you! I wore red, white and blue today and never felt more pride! I am blessed in live in these "United States."

tangobaby said...

Hi Jules! Happy Inauguration Day and thank you for the mention... that art piece was quite incredible and it was so beautiful in person.

I thought Red Shoes post today was wonderful and so very true. I'm glad you found her. She is a treasure.

ps. I did just send an email to your gmail account so I'm hoping you received it.

Just Jules said...

Glad you approve tango... I got so excited I forgot to ask if I could link! So glad you had a memorable day!

Coachdad said...

Thanks for the great links. It was quite a day for the country in the fact that we seemed to be rallying around each other.

Polly said...

Hi Jules! Good luck to you and all Americans on this important day. Even here in the UK the inauguartion was all everyone talked about! I think you're right, one person cannot change the world especially that the need for change is great, but the whole world hopes for the new direction in American politics... good luck!