Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Idea of the Day

Since it is so cold I guess I am antsy today (hence my third blog of the day!). I have been saving this for a day when my brain is dead, or time is short. Today is neither of those... oh well!

I finally convinced my dearest to help me rearrange our bedroom (no small undertaking since we have a pine log bed that my dearest made for me, it weighs a ton!) When we got things situated I realized my once hidden dresser was now visible from the door and looked every bit as messy as it was. The easiest solution was to get the "jules" off from the top, but how? I remembered using a branch to display my wares at a boutique sale years before. I commented that this would be a great solution. My lovely man went out into the dark cold night armed with a flashlight and lopers (branch cutter) and came back with a birch branch. We affixed it using brad nails, placing them into the wall studs. I love the result. If you look carefully you will see the earring solution - screen on a tin. I have to really stop making these, or thin some out before I make more!

Another take on this would be to stick a smaller branch in a decorative container and add your earrings, braclets, or necklaces.


Boutique By Bonnie said...

This a great way to bring the outdoors in! Very pretty.

Just Jules said...

Thank you! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your jewlery!