Monday, January 12, 2009

Self Respect

Why do I watch late night TV?

I went to the movie last night (I love movies). It only worked to get out after the wee ones were in bed - so I ended up in the theater at 9:30p.m. and I wasn't back home until midnight. Having laughed so hard at the movie I was wide awake when I returned home. I flicked on the t.v. to wind down. Now, there isn't much in my taste on at midnight (that won't keep me up until 2a.m.). I ended up on vh1 (which I haven't watched since high school!) This show called Tool Academy was on... Oh, what to say? It was awful. I was watching like one might watch a bad car crash - you want to look away, but, you just can't!

The show "tricks" these men- no boys- into coming to a house to compete for what they think is a Mr. Awesome contest. They are there in fact because they are all tools and their girlfriends have nominated them. This is where I started thinking a couple of things

1)I am much too old for vh1
2)These guys ARE asses
3)Why, oh why am I watching this?
4)But, most importantly what is wrong with these women.

What kind of woman would stay with such a "tool"? (Get it? Tool academy) As annoyingly awful as these guys were, it is the women that bothered me. None of them were married, they did not have children together - in fact there was no legal binding between any of them. They were all young, beautiful and looked as though they could get any guy they tried for; including a NICE guy.

After watching the interviews the guys did when they thought they were competing for Mr. Awesome each of the girl cried and said that they had tried to change and do everything and yet their boyfriend still acted that way, with tears streaming the whole time. One girl did slap her boyfriend, which I thought was the most appropriate thing I saw the whole show.

Side Note: What ever these guys have that these girls think they like (which really, all I could see would be their looks) Is going to fade - they will eventually stop working out as much and develop man boobs, their pretty hair will start to recede, and they will eventually look like a middle age man... All a girl is left with is what is on the inside. This is what makes a husband handsome.... this is what a self respecting woman should look for - anyway.....

Needless to say, I did get myself to walk away from the crash and burn of a show before it ended. However, all morning I find myself still bothered by the young ladies on that show. I just want to grab them, shake them, or give them a hug and tell them that they are better than that! "Have some self respect" would be the first words out of my mouth. "Walk away, you don't have to stay!" would be the second. Why try to change yourself AND change this horrible excuse for a man to make it work? Dating is about discovering who the other person is as well as discovering who you are. Then you hope to find the combination of woman and man that work best together. The idea is not to change who you are and beat your head against a wall trying to get your mate to change too. Most importantly - stay true to yourself, respect yourself!

No man should make you cry, and the right one won't!

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