Thursday, January 1, 2009

Final Resolution

Resolution #4

My final resolution for 2009 is the traditional, can't have a list of resolutions without this resolution - resolution. The exercise resolution.

I used to walk two mornings a week. The only time I didn't go was if it was colder then -20 degrees yes that is below zero. I have to say that I felt good. I enjoyed the routine and I didn't seem any more tired then I do now - actually I am more tired from the lack of good exercise and fresh air.

However, I have fallen into the sleeping until the last minute routine. Oh, how I like the sleep! Yes, lazy lazy lazy!!!! My pants are tighter and there are several pair that no longer fit me.... yet, I keep sleeping away the mornings. I do better in the late Spring and Summer of course since there is more then ample opportunity to get outside without appendages turning black from frostbite! (Final excuse) It is also really hard getting up in the pitch black and walking with the small spotlight of my headlight - like a miner going into a (frozen) mine.

But, I need to take my own advice. I just need to suck it up, shut up, and just "do it". (What ever that means!)

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Anonymous said...

I love looking at your flicker!