Sunday, January 11, 2009

Local Artist

I love local artists.
Especially singers...
Small hometown people selling their albums on their own; out of their house, or on the street kind of singers. My favorite group is Freedom's Call. I am a bit partial since two of the four girls are our babysitters, (they are impossible to get now though since they have become so busy with their lives and their singing engagements!) . These four wonderful girls started when they were in High School and Middle School. They have amazing talent and are incredibly smart to boot. They will all graduate High School with two years of college under their belt beside having an active social life, church life, and their many venues. They have cut two CD's so far. You can find their CD's here.

I found Tony Pitschka at a street fair 40 miles from my home town. He was selling outdoor rock oil lights (for more than I wanted to spend) and he was also selling his CD for $10. I passed on the lights but I think I surprised him when I asked if it was him singing on the CD (he looked a little different that day) When he said it was him, I told him I wanted one. It became one of my favorites.

I lost my I Gotta Get Back CD for a year. I missed it. I have been blaming my dearest. But, surprise, surprise! I found it today while putting away my Christmas music. It was hiding under another CD. (I still don't know where the case is though) I listened to it twice today! Hear a sampling of his songs here
Tony's web site is here

The latest in my local collection of CD's is from a craft fair. It is from Spiritwood Music out of Ely, MN (one of my favorite places to go!) You can sample all of their songs at their website. They possess a kind of folk bluegrass spirit. (sorry, no classic rock here!) I was surprised with their wide variety. Good for background music while cooking supper or relaxing with a cup of coffee.

This kind of music tends to be my favorite because I can feel the hope and love put into each song. There is so much originality of sound, excitement, dedication, and love for the music that shines through these singers that make each song special. It's pure...

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