Saturday, January 3, 2009

Glazed and Amused

On New Years Eve (in an effort to forget about not having a babysitter) we made a trip into town to do a few fun things. We went out to eat and we went to Glazed and Amused. The kids had fun painting their own creations and my dearest helped fill in the missed spots (per kid request). I worked on a gravy boat that I decided would be a fine butter dish. If you can make it down it is almost like therapy and a great place to go with the kids as they ALL sat and were quite for a stretch of time... so calming. The owner is also fabulous about making each person feel special and incredibly talented!

Enjoy the pics


Anonymous said...

Isn't that fun? You should see the mug I made there, it turned out great.

Just Jules said...

I know! I made a mug too. I walked away and thought, "I just spent $7 on a coffee mug! Oh Geez!" But, really one is paying for the entertainment and relaxation.