Thursday, February 5, 2009

Any day above zero is a good day

As I type I am watching the temperature rise.
It has gone from 24 to 24.3 degrees.
The sun is shining and the birds are (literally) singing!
It may as well be 80 in July. People are happier.
They were walking with their coats unzipped
I even saw one lady wearing capris! It was -14 yesterday
It is amazing what ~30 degrees can do for a body!

I had a meeting this morning.
Red Barn in field next to house

With temps warm enough to step outside of the car I took some pics on my way in (making me late for the meeting - oops) With spirits up we had a very inspired, creative, productive meeting. I believe a group of women on a mission could conqueror the world.

Red barn 1 mile down county road

When I returned home this handsome man had his arms out stretched to greet me.
made by wee one #3

This guy said "welcome back, welcome back....."
Purple finch

I live in an area of extremes - hot and cold, wet and dry. The weather truly does effect our state of mind. Today, while the sun is shining and it is above zero, I will say today is a good day.


Kacie said...

43 Degrees here!! Very nice day! :D

Just Jules said...

Isn't it amazing how much better it makes you feel.

tangobaby said...

YOUR weather is affecting MY state of mind! 24 degrees and an UNZIPPED coat?! CAPRIS?!! (When it's 40 degrees here or it rains, that acutally makes the news.)

I'm not sure if you guys are brave or crazy! I hope it warms up there soon.

will said...

Seeing your barn pics, I must ask, have you read Eric Slone's terrific book about barns?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Just Jules said...

I have not read Mr. Slone's book. I will look it up on Amazon though.... thanks

Tango - we are a strange breed indeed!

Kareer Woman - thanks! Thank you for popping in and commenting.

Polly said...

Stunning pictures. I love the first one with the barn most, it really is red. To me it looks like a postcard from faraway land, English farms look very different.

Laura Doyle said...

Bill, are you talking about Diary of an Early American Boy? I really REALLY love that book. It is one my most prized posessions.

Jules, your photos are fantastic! I'm homesick for your home! And I'm so envious of that purple finch photo.

Sandra said...

I can't think of a nicer way to be greeted when you come home. : ) A fellow Minnesotan, but from the 'southern' part, I echo your sentiments about the sun and the mild temperatures. tangobaby, I don't even wear a coat when it gets this warm. Of course I have on long underwear and a couple of other layers! Almost too warm, though.

I loved the barns.

The letters I have to type in to post this are allis. I have an Allis-Chalmers tractor. Kind of strange.

Alexandra said...

Amen to that! Gorgeous photos! I especially love the bird. Glad the sun is brightening your spirits <3

julochka said...

totally love, love, love the red barns...keep 'em coming!