Monday, February 16, 2009


I make "Jules". It is a hobby. Something to fill the long nights. Mostly it provides inexpensive gifts for friends and family


I have discovered I love to teach other people how to make their own jewels.
I have the ability to do that through our local community ed classes.

In a past life I taught Elementary School. I really enjoyed myself, but, there is something so much more rewarding inteaching adults (to me). The ability to get to the subject, no discipline, stand back and jump in when needed. Watching the satisfaction on these ladies faces when they leave with a real necklace, multi strand necklace, or a few pair of earrings. It makes me feel useful.

Here are some of their creations.


Kacie said...

i always thought making jewelry like that would be fun! but is it expensive to get the materials, or not really? i haven't really looked into it. probably less spendy than buying already-made jewelry! where do you get your beads and everything? thanx! :)

Just Jules said...

Actually it cost under $5 to make a 3 strand necklace and less then $1 to make a pair of earrings. You buy the supplies at a local craft store (cheaper than a bead store) Ben Franklin's, Michael's, Jo-Ann's, other crafty places like that should be around your area.

Email if you really want more info. There are some great online places as well.