Monday, February 2, 2009

Me? Are you sure?

My phone rang one evening last week. It was a lady named Kate, from an organization in town. She was calling to ask me to speak at their meeting. She thought I would make an excellent motivational speaker for their meeting in March.
Shhhh... come here, yeah you - come over here to the side (I have something to tell you.) Can you keep a secret? I have always wanted to be a motivational speaker..... However, beside a concentration in speech during college I have absolutely no training for this!
The topic of the meeting is how to beat the winter blues. Which as we have discussed here can be a real problem in the winter. Now, I guess asking me to speak on this topic is like having a ex-drug user serving as a drug counselor. Except, really, it would be more like a current drug user serving as a drug dealer.
I agreed but with hesitation. "Me? Are you sure?" I asked... she said, "Yes, a member of ours heard you speak before and was very inspired." Ha, ha, ha, really? Well, since it has been a secret ambition of mine how could I refuse?
On March 12th I will be acting as a motivational speaker. I will be talking about how to beat the winter blues. I will speak for 30 minutes (gulp). Plus, I will be leading a craft project. ( Yeah she threw that in there after I agreed to speak!)
I highlight "I will" because - I said "yes", so there is no back down now!


Sandra said...

Good luck and have fun! How wonderful to be able to realize a secret desire.

Adan said...

i have instantly thought of this clip. i too share a secret desire to do the same thing!

Just Jules said...

Oh thank you for that Adam! That is sooo funny. How much sadder this world is with out Chris Farley. I can see where I could get a lot of fine pointers from watching that over and over.

Anonymous said...

This intrigues me. Are you speaking at a place that one could come and hear you? I would enjoy that very much. I bet your mother is very proud of you!!!!

Fawn said...

I really liked your "nap" post! all those things are so true! I wish I had more time for naps nowadays.

and I dont know your email so I am letting you know here, that every sunday night i babysit for my other "family" who works on campus so that weekend i need to be at their house at 5pm i am free between 5pm friday-sunday that weekend!

julochka said...

fun! what are you going to say? and did they choose the craft project or did you? it looks like fun and since S is staying at home today, feeling a bit under the weather, maybe we'll get out one of her old board books and make one!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Wow! I admire you... you WANT to be a speaker! Oy, I avoid public speaking like the plague. Praise God we all have different talents and desires. You'll do great!

I'm going to go ahead and enter you in the drawing. I said apron sized for kids 2-6 to be safe but it might fit your daughter, if not you can pass it along to someone else if your's is the name that pops out of the "hat"!

Just Jules said...

Thanks Mod Girl. That is so sweet.

Julochka- I picked the craft, I figured it was easy and fitting. Old books, paper, glue = easy. However, I think I will just use white duct tape for the binding? I will have to experiment. Keep it easy for a group.

Relyn Lawson said...

Congratulations. What a compliment to be asked. I bet it will be great.

Just Jules said...

Thanks Relyn,

My dearest comes home today with the idea that we should go on Spring Break (since the school has a week long + 2 weekends break scheduled) My speaking engagement is almost dead center of the vacation... Now, trying to manipulate both dreams - a vacation, and speaking!