Thursday, February 26, 2009


Happy 8th Birthday to my dear Girly.
My little princess, pixie, girly-girl.


julochka said...

big happy birthday! i hope you ALL have a wonderful day!!


tangobaby said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have a cake that looks that yummy and fun!

TheChicGeek said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girly-girl :0
Is that her birthday cake? It is so beautiful and special!
Have a Great Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your girly-girl.
That is one yummy looking cake :-).

Delwyn said...

If you made that cake you need to change your profile to reflect your talent!

Just Jules said...

We can be anybody here in blogatopia. However, as tempting as it may be I can not be dishonest. I did not make that cake rather found it on an image search via google. We did have cake but we are big on "healthy" foods. My kids like sweets, but really, only a bit. My girly doesn't like frosting - at all. So.... we had yellow cake plain with strawberries and homemade whipping cream on the side for the adults.

I will post bday pics tomorrow. I loved the simple yet fabulous decorations.
thanks for commenting, it always makes my day!