Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sports Shows have nothing to do with Sports!

For clarification purposes I am posting a couple of pics.

We are busy busy busy getting ready for our first "Sport Show" of the season. Where we will tote our goods for 10 hours a day with the purpose of advertising our product and hopefully selling our wears. We will be at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND
(stop by, say hi, you crazy cyber stalkers you!)

However since we will be leaving the wee ones at home (with a very competent adult ;) Not only do we need to get the business stuff in line, but we need to make sure things are in proper order around the house too.

I told Adam from I don't give 2 cents I would post some pictures to help with the understanding - so here ya go!

BTW- I just thought of this - Sports Shows have nothing to do with Sports! There will be boat companies, hunting, outdoor rec, resorts, ice fishing houses, guides, landscaping/ lawn care, and other various companies there - but nothing to do with traditional sports like football, basketball, or hockey etc. Interesting!


Adan said...

this totally makes more sense! i wish i had a boat to help out the ole sales process!

Kacie said...

Cool! Hope you have good luck with the sales!!

TheChicGeek said...

That looks like fun. I love to go to sports shows and see all the fun stuff. Since I'm in California, don't think I'll make this one though. Good luck with the sales and have fun away from the kiddies with your hubbie:)