Monday, February 2, 2009

Photographer/Magician Needed

I am in need of a new avatar picture. I have been trying to come up with a pic that suits ME. However, I have come to the conclusion that there are NO photos of me. (Man, I hope I don't die soon, my younger children will have no visual memory of me!)

There is a reasonable explanation for my lack of photos --->I am the one behind the camera and my dearest is typically the one behind the video camera. This works well for us - but it causes an obvious problem - my dearest is never on any video (except his voice) and I never have a good photo of myself. Plus, when you have wee ones the pictures inevitably are of them, not each other anymore. The first picture I used was from our family portrait this summer. The one I am using now I quickly snapped in a mirror located in our dining room, (with my husbands cheap work camera of all things!) it is anything but flattering.

I have scoured my pics looking for a good shot. The very few pictures that I did find of myself are from right away in the morning (not my best look), or are when I was in the hospital (where I have frequent flier miles), or late at night after the day has beat up on me. (See below)

Maybe I should place a blog ad: JustJules in search of a good portrait photographer. This photo must be suitable for an avatar picture on blogger. Photographer must work for free, or a home cooked "supper". Travel to Northern Minnesota is not included but mandatory. Feel free to be inspired by these pics.... Finally, please apply only if you can work photographic magic.

Yeah, I'm screwed!

The few photos I do have of myself are better not seen....

Photo taken Christmas morning


Sandra said...

My photo was taken this past summer by a professional photographer, but it wasn't a photo shoot. She is a friend of mine and a group of use went to another's place to ride for the day. Shelley had her camera and took lots of photos. It's the only recent photo I have of myself. I like your photo.

Laura Doyle said...

I have a solution for you.

Immediately after you shower and dress and put your face on, go to a indirectly sunny spot in the house and sit or stand in front of a blank wall. Then hold the camera in your hand, as far away from you as you can reach (or as close as you dare) and just snap away. Don't forget to move your head around and try different angles. Take a bunch and then after you've uploaded them, sift through and pick out your favorites, get rid of the rest. If they aren't what you hoped for, you can download picasa from google and go to work on them with their awesome editing software which is pretty easy to use.

I take all my own one else does it good enough.

Oh...and you can also use the timer function if your camera has one, so you don't have to hold the camera. I think the key is just taking A LOT so you have many to choose from.

If I lived closer, I would surely help you out for a good home-cooked meal. : )

Anonymous said...

Hey didn't you just mention a friend that is a fabulous photographer. Even if her camera is broke, I am sure she could borrow your husband's cheap work camera. Besides she is surely due for time away plus a home cooked meal. Probably should be tator-tot hotdish, bread and grape jelly, and pickles. Problem solved.