Saturday, December 12, 2009



If Dearest can pick up a camera - point - shoot - and come up with a picture that makes me think I look good I am s.o.l.d.!!!!! I didn't even have to edit this pic. Not that Dearest is an idiot (far far from it, actually) however, him and cameras don't 'click' (hehe, get it)

But last night after I returned from church a big box of joy was sitting in my foyer. (Nikon D60 + lenses) I played with it for a minute, snapped a few pics before hubby gave it a go. How fun, how easy, how wonderful.

I am giddy!!!!!

I have to go now - I am off to play with my new toy - crush - possibly love? :)

In the mean time scroll down and see my other love. Yeah, right down there.


Deb said...

That is a nice pic of you, I can see a twinkle in your that a smirk on your lips? I think it's impatience. I'm reading a 'hurry up and take the picture so that I can play with my camera' look. Enjoy! By Monday I should be posting the same...yippie-skippie!

julochka said...

yay!! it will be a pleasure to see what you do with it. don't forget, nikon rocks the color!!!


Mari Mansourian said...

congrats... can't wait to see what you capture :)... have fun

Vodka Logic said...

Yay and in time for Christmas fun.

Can I borrow it.. lol

Adan said...

oh the trouble you can get yourself into!

Kavita said...

Just look at that blue. :-)

Gaia said...

Oh come on, it's not the camera, no matter how hopeless dearest is with the camera, you will always turn out great in print. You are so photogenic!

Big Blue House said...

Yeah, you got it!! Your pic looks wonderful. It captured your happiness, over the camera no doubt, and your beauty. Have fun and am looking forward to more pics. I truly L-O-V-E the boys by your beautiful tree. Let's see more.