Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I will be the Next Playmate

Well, none of you guessed it. When I posted the pic of the amazing Nikon D60....

The truth is :
I have been assigned as the next Playboy Playmate.
You can catch my full page spread in February.

Apparently they are trying to appeal to the desperate dads of the world
and want to feature haggard housewives. Stay tuned ;)

Ok - no MOM, not for real. But man... if they paid enough... hmmmm

no, seriously !! I ordered and hope to receive before the end of the week my very own

NIKON D60!!!!

I have no idea how to use it or what I have gotten myself into - but here is hoping!
Maybe, I could shoot for Playboy? nahhhh....
(they are in CA)


Kenny said...

I actually met my first real porn star the other day had drinks with her and lemme say you could do it. Course your prolly gonna wanna hide that from the boys see in mom in Playboy could in fact ruin them

Just Jules said...

One word Ken - airbrush!!!!!

Blog Stalker said...

Good luck with the camera! I just love breaking in a new camera...just be sure to keep blogging! lol

Big Blue House said...

Good for you!!!!!! You can take our family pic this Christmas.

Deb said...

Oh please! Those pornographers do not deserve to see your beautiful God-given beauty. You deserve soooo much better than that!

julochka said...

i can see it now...housewives of the midwest...you'll be famous!