Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do something about it in the New Year

First I find myself right back where I was last year on New Years eve.... sigh. At least this year we will have company at our house- even if we are unable to "go out".

So I wrote a post here.
About things that I want to change, or will continue to do again. They were not resolutions rather brainstorming ways to be happier. Now a list is great (ok, not to me, they give me hives. In fact I have even discussed MY kind of to do list.) Ok, so I was pretending that lists were great. ... But a to do list is only good if you do it. Unfortunately writing it down does not complete the task (unfortunately).

No, for a list to be worthy one must DO SOMETHING about what is written down.

I started yesterday. I stopped at the health food/ nutritional store and purchase a higher dose vitamin D supplement and put my name on a waiting list for this herbal/supplement blend call Mood Mender. Both are suppose to help with the anxiety and depression that come with this time of the year.

Next, Dearest and I went to the movie last night - Avatar. Say what you want about it, but, I really enjoyed it. (I am sure that it is because I have not been out in a long long time and our movie theater has been closed for months for a remodel - so this was the first movie I have seen in the theater since????? I was a year younger maybe) However, before we went to the theater we stopped at the store and I invested in a set of snowshoes!!!!!! YIPPPY SKIPPY. I am so excited.

So - from my list - I can pencil in a check mark next to two items on my list. I can not use a Sharpie until I do this sort of thing over and over - but I need to start somewhere.

What is top on your "list of happiness" for the New Year?


MommyLovesStilettos said...

I really liked Avatar too :)

Happy New year!


Deb said...

Snowshoes in MN sounds like a good idea to me! Hope you love them! Good for you jumping in on those resolutions even before the 1st. I'm dragging my tail and not even writing my list until tomorrow. :-)
New Years Blessings dear friend!

Vodka Logic said...

A great list. We have snowshoes and it is a lot of work but fun.

I was ordered by my physician to take Vit D. Most people are is also used for good joint health. [knees in my case]

Cheers to a happier and healthier New Year.. xx

Anonymous said...

Thought about seeing Avatar, but waited until someone commented on it, now I'll probably see it, Thanks.

Big Blue House said...

I still probably wouldn't see Avatar, but I am applauding you for getting the snow shoes. I want some myself. Let me know how you like them. About vitamin D. I agree most people are low on this vitamin and REALLY need it in this country. I just had my vitamin D levels checked as I take a D3 tablet every day besides my multi. My levels are GREAT. Maybe that is why the lack of sunlight doesn't seem to bother me as much as my hubby. He won't take the vitamin as he is against any pills, but I know he would feel much better. One should get their vitamin D levels checked though as too much is not good for you. Just a thought. Stay warm in this -26 degree temps. Today is a day for long underwear, flannel, fleece, sweaters, fuzzy socks & slippers, and any thing else that is 'warm' and 'soft'. Love you more.