Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Our Collaborative Photo Project continues this week.

It was my turn to pick the word this week.
I instantly decided on grey.
I was in the car driving and as winter was closing in around me
(thanks to an Alberta clipper - thanks Canada)
GREY is all I could see.

Grey can be a mood or a color - by the end of our long winter it becomes one and the same.

Let's review for those who are new or forgetful:
Debra @ Sojourner and I have been partaking in a photo project for over a month now. Each week we chose a word. We then each take a photo that represents this word. Only once in these last six weeks have our photos matched.

backyard grey reflected- by Jules

Diner Bar-stool, Gateway CO. 2009 by Deb

If you have missed the last six posts you can find them here:


Homer and Queen said...

Like to wear grey, don't like winter grey!

Coachdad said...

Grey was all I saw in my beard before I shaved it... Blue skies and 70 degrees here!

Tracie said...

I am too familiar with grey days here in KY.

Deb said...

Where is the water in your back yard? Don't remember a pond, stream etc....I am looking at water?

Will Burke said...

Sorry about the Clipper, we'll try to whip-up some more comedians to send you.